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Dear Allegiant

Being a first time visitor to Las Vegas we enjoyed our flight out, and having a good visit in Las Vegas we were happy and ready to come back in a future visit soon. We wanted to address some issues that we had incurred and feel like that this should be addressed.

It all began at curb side check in and when we took our bags to the counter and checked in The lady at the curb side check in said why are you so late you could possibly miss your plane. I explained to her that we were on a shuttle and didn't have any control over how fast the shuttle driver was going and there was big line in traffic to get off the shuttle . As we were checking in my friend the guy said its OK you made the deadline but just get to your gate. Not thinking to look and see which gate we were at we ran up stairs to the security to allegiant. Got to the TSA and went through this and my girlfriend was held up about 10 minutes at the Tsa . they asked her if she wanted to do this in private or there. She said no go ahead then they checked and rechecked. about 10 minutes later we were through and proceeded to our gate. TSA handed back our boarding pass they handed us back our boarding pass wrote a big e on the ticket Thinking that it was gate E so as SOMEONE had wrote a big E on the ticket so we lo when they were looked up and followed the signs to gate E . realizing that we were at the wrong gate and now outside and beyond the security we ran back upstairs and had to go through security at the same place again . we then stated to the tsa agent that we were gonna be late for our flight and needed help getting there . they stated oh dont worry you have plenty of time they will call your name you have plenty of time. as Lori went through again they again held her up and checked her again. We then ran to the gate that was a way we when we got to the gate they had just shut the door and the young man behind the ticket counter said you are to late. We tried to explain to him all of the situations all the hold up s wrong directions and no help with transportation to get to the gate. I told the young man that I had to be on that plane That my father has a bran injury and that I need to be on there to help him. he is 87 years old and had a brain injury was hit by a car and is still recovering it was a medical emergency. the young man then picked up the phone not 1 but three times and tried to make contact with the plane desperately trying to get us on . he would say whats your Strauss and the plane would either them hang up on him or not answer he then used his own private phone and tried to call and again getting the same response the plane hanging up on him was then that he told us there was nothing he could do. as the terminal was still hooked up to the plane . for at least 10 more minutes before they took the tunnel terminal away. I was hysterical by this time as I had stated to him that my father was on that plane and it was a medical emergency. I asked to speak to the manager and he said well they are at gate a11 . which was half way around the allegiant terminal again . not thinking I should have demanded that they come to us . So we went over there and talked to the manager which was a young man and we went through the whole story again... He himself told us that the check curb should have given us a gate # and didn't guy at the first terminal or gate stated that we didn't check into allegiant and that the gate e on the ticket was not put there by them . that it was put there by tsa us not knowing that they were not affiliated with allegant. This is where our frustration reached its peak. Then this lady we think her name was Carol stepped up stating the she was his supervisor started she was very rude and firmly stated not willing to listen to all that we felt contributed to our being late. She told us that she didn't represent Mc Carran airport and that they were separate and that she was not employed by the airport we asked do they not work as a team trying to get their customers to their gate and she stated no that what the airport does in their service is separate to allegiant she also stated that tsa is a separate business also and what they tell people is their business. . She said we do not announce names overhead about you are going to miss the plane (final boarding calls ) . She stated that TSA continues to tell people that but that we not give final boarding calls. As we sat in the airport hearing them numerous times from other allegant flights. she walked away from us and went to talk to the other ticket agent from the gate then came back and said I cannot and will authorize the 75.00 fee you guys are responsible for this. again by this point I was so upset and crying. She was so unprofessional and again I asked her about being affiliated with airport and she said we are a private company . We again asked to speak to her supervisor because we felt that she was already determined and made her mind up that and wouldn't even listen to anything we were saying the whole time not taking in consideration responsibility from the things that we felt had made us late for our flight. she stated she was not obligated to give out this information and that her supervisor was not scheduled to work . I said you don't have business card and she said no. She would give us her name but nothing else and that she was not obligated to do so. We also asked for a copy of the report that she was writing down on the computer and she again refused to give us that.

In the end we asked the manager what we needed to do and he helped us get another flight. So we did went and sat in the airport until our flight to Souix falls left. in that time period we asked several different employees if they representatives of McCarran airport, EVERY employee that we talk to stated that they in deed represented McCarran airport that they all were responsible for every traveling passenger and make sure that they had a enjoyable flight and safe returns to where they are going.

In the hours that we sat waiting for adjoin g flight I was very concerned about my mother and father.. they are 80 and 87 and I had to make arrangements for them to get help on and off the plane . My parents were so upset when they got to Grand Island and realized I was on the plane and my mother had asked the stewardess about me being on the plane and never did give my mom any information. He has a brain injury gets lost easily and needed my assistance and depended on my assistance. of course this added to my stress not knowing if they would get any assistance to help them get home and so on. Also someone to pick up our bags that were on the plane we were originally suppose to be on which proves that we were at the airport on time.

I also had needed stress of putting on the additional fees it cost me to get home having to buy more ticket, having to rent a car for a 5 hour drive back to grand island. and the stress of making arrangements for my job knowing that I would not be able to return to work on Monday as planned because I was up almost 24 plus hours .

The stress of getting to Souix falls and every one knowing we were the Nebraska girls that made us feel uneasy when exiting the plane that the attendants had been notified that we could be upset.

in conclusion to this I believe Allegiant for the inconvenience that we suffered due to mixed communications between security and allegiant and omitting the gate number on the boarding pass. As well as poor customer service from your employees at McCarran airport who state they are not affiliated with Mccarran Airport. We expect to be compensated for our flight ticket s, car rental, stress of worrying about my parents, time schedule, meals and emotional stress this has taken on me. We are asking for compensation so that we again will be able to enjoy a flight with allegiant again in the foreseeable future.

I expect to hear from you within 2 weeks from today May 9 2017


Lori Radke
4226 Yarrow Drive
Grand Island Ne 68803

Lori Lewis
662 Faidley Place Apt 6
Grand Island ne

Flight number 498 GRI may 7 2017 missed flight

flight number 456 to souix falls sd flight taken

May 09, 2017

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