Allegiant Air - No AC on Planes! / poor service, bad flight

Stockton, CA, United States Review updated:

We opted to fly to Vegas via Allegiant Air out of Stockton, rather than flying out of Sacramento...BIG MISTAKE!

I would never recommend Allegiant Air after what we experienced this past week (July 21-25th, 2009).

The plane had little/no air conditoning, and they offered no complimentary water on their short flight (because as the staff said, they "aren't required to offer anything"). It was at least 85-90 degrees in the cabin the entire flight, from boarding to arrival.

We were soaking in our own sweat, both to Vegas and on the flight back a few days later. When we begged the staff to turn on the air, they said "it will come on in just a few minutes, don't worry". It never did.

You will realize that once you try to book a flight on Allegiant Air, it is NOT as cheap as you thought...they tack-on every kind of add-on they can, from being able to choose your seat, to priority boarding. If you try to reach them by one ever answers. They even charge to have any kind of freebies anywhere.

Contrary to what you may have heard, the Stockton airport DOES charge for parking ($5 a day for oernight parking). While this is alot cheaper than Sacto, it's still an extra charge you need to plan for.

Buyer beware - don't fly Allegiant Air!

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      Aug 26, 2017

    I have travelled allegiant many times, but it seems like in the last couple of years, they have been having more problems with the A/C or simply turning then off to save on fuel. On many flights, there is simply no A/C in the cabin. The air coming out of those ineficiente holes is comparable to a newborn breath...not much! Complaining to staff does not resolve anything as they say once in flight get it will cool off.
    Well sorry, but they don't. Even after an hour of flight, is still miserable on the cabin. Honestly, it feels like they have the air vents closed or not working. This usually happens on their older MD 80 airplanes, not as much on their Airbuses.
    I have sweat like an animal on some flights. I already know how to fold the information brochure the right way to use it as a hand held fan. Seems like many other people do since the folds are very apparent.
    Allegiant, please understand that it becomes extremely hot in your airplanes. People with high blood pressure or under certain medications are affected by this more than others. What are you waiting for, a passenger to die from heat induced ailment? That could result in a hefty lawsuit, is that what you want? So, either fix the A/C on those airplanes (you know which ones they are, mainly the ones you purchased from Scandinavian Air), or get rid of them!

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