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First of it takes a lot for me to file a complaint. What I speak of we have experienced over that last year. Therefore, this is an overall complaint and statement on what I feel are bad business polices and their philosophies. Not this is strictly my opinion.

Allegiant Air has many problems in dealing with consumers. All summed up they are a bait and switch operation.

Their rules are designed to lure you in to additional cost and make it extremely hard to get any reasonable customer service. Newcomers beware, the reservation system does not tell you the full price till very late in the process. The initial price is only a teaser. They nickel and dime you to death; charge you to select a seat, charge you for checked luggage, etc. You are really not saving much in most cases. In addition, if you miss a fight, no credit toward a future flight. (after loosing information on flight we called and was given incorrect info, thus missing a flight). This list goes on. But even worse they charge you extra to purchase your ticket online, then you go to the airport only to find out that they only sell tickets during certain hours that are not posted anywhere we could find them. We have experience all of the above in a negative way. I have now only had one non-problematic fight with this airline out of a number. But no more we a are though after we use this last ticket. God help us to make it through the current issue & return with our sanity.

I believe they and their polices should not supported. Keep your standards high. They need to fail.

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  • Mb
      Nov 10, 2009

    Last week I had a flight to Vegas on Allegiant Airlines. I had left my cell phone at home and had to return to get it at the last minute. I finally arrived at the airport 30 mins before my scheduled departure, only to find no attendant at the check-in counter only a sign that read "will return in 20 mins". When the attendant returned about 10 minutes later and I demanded my boarding pass, he proclaimed there was nothing he could do for me because I had "forfeited" my flight by arriving "late". It's important to note that that flight did not depart for at least another 45 mins from the time I arrived at the airport, it departed late. However, "on-time" according to Allegiant airlines is arriving no later than 45 minutes before your scheduled departure. If you arrive even at 45 minutes and 10 seconds, you have forfeited your flight on Allegiant Airlines. This forfeiture entitles you to NO REFUND OR FLIGHT CREDIT. ITS TIME TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST SUCH UNFAIR POLICIES. Myself and my partner were not the only people who had "forfeited" their flight that evening, there were at least 3 other customers who had paid their hard-earned money to fly on that flight. I'm sure this "forfeiture" of flights happens on every Allegiant Airlines flight out of the Eugene Airport.
    KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. If you have suffered at the hands of this unfair policy and have seen your hard-worked money go down the drain FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. Allegiant Airlines 45 min"late policy" is not legal because it is not conscionable, it is unfair on it's face. There is no other airline that has such a policy for late customers without providing them at the least flight credit. You are ENTITLED TO REMEDY.

    Contact: BBB of Southern Nevada, Inc. (Las Vegas, NV) 6040 S. Jones Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89118 Phone: (702)320-4500 Fax: (702)320-4560 Email: [protected] Web:

    Assure you have the correct company name: Allegiant Air, LLC 8360 S. Durango Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89113

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  • Sa
      Dec 11, 2009

    all I can say is now I am nervous. I just booked a flight with Alligiant air. I was a little surprised with all the extra charges. Even the baggage charges on the policy says 15-25 if payed at time of booking, but my charge was 40 for one bag, so my 119.00 flight actually is costing me 247.00, but that is still cheaper then the other flights i was trying to book. So I am looking forward to a great time in Florida and hoping all goes well, and will plan on being at the airport 3 hours ahead to avoid confusion! I iwll do my part hopefully they will do theirs and this will be a possitive experience

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  • Ma
      Feb 22, 2012

    Honestly Peoples complaints are unreal. Yes they charge you up the A** in the end but I still saved 200 bucks! I get a non stop flight that is 6-7 hours instead of 10!!! IT STATES ALL THEIR RULES BEFORE you buy!!! I swear no one reads the fine print. Clearly states ticket counter opens 2 hours before flight and will be closed 45 mins prior to flight. Gate will be closed 10 mins before flight takes off. Don't follow the rules then accept the penalities!!! 2nd time flying with them no problems here! They have these rules to keep fares low and so that they can get everyone out and not wait around for last minute people! No it's not southwest but not all airports have south west available and this fare with all the crazy fees are still 10 times cheaper than the worst rated airlines out there! People expect TOO much!

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  • Ww
      Jun 18, 2012

    I had a flat tire on the way to the airport, and tried to call Allegiant to get a later flight but was told I would be forfeiting my ticket if I didn't get there on time. I asked if I could use the ticket towards another day and was told no..there is no flexibility.. I thought I'd found a bargain in this airline but it turned into a nightmare for me and my kids. I'm a single parent with three children, money is hard to come by but I wsas excited to make this trip happen form my kids. I can't even afford to do an alternative vacation because Allegiant will not even refund a portion of the return ticket. I'm just out $1083. How is this legal? I thought I'd done my research before booking with them even called the reservation desk before booking online. I'm just disgusted. I'm a writer with a small following but will make sure I blog about this in every possible outlet to make people aware of these practices.

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  • An
      May 31, 2013

    After booking a flight with this airline I purchased my connecting tickets. A few weeks later I received an email from them telling me they had changed my return flight which would make me miss my connection. After over a month of trying to contact them, as they would not reply to my email, I was very rudely told they never offer reimbursements. Now I'm stuck footing the cost to change my connecting flight. They have no corporate number you can actually speak to someone regarding their piss poor customer service. I have NEVER dealt with a company with such extremely poor policies and customer (dis)service. I regret my decision to save a few bucks by trying this airline out. Do not make the same mistake as me.

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