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Anyone ever seen a Allegiant Flight Attendant reading, doing crosswords, smoking or any other non- work related duty while on duty???

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  • Kn
      Sep 01, 2009

    flight attendants are people. Somtimes they are on duty in an airport on a 4 hr lay over - 4 hrs is the limit thatsome airlines will make you sit around without giving them a hotel. Would you do a cross road at your place of employment if you had nothing to do but sit in a terminal for 3 hrs and 49 minutes? I dont see what is so bad. they have days up to 14 hrs. Would you like to work those kind of hours with customers yelling at you all day bc the reservations dept messed up their tickets or the security line was long? Flight attendant are like everyone else ...and in fact when they are on those layover in the airport ...THEY ARENT GETTING PAID!! EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE "On DUTY" we are only getting paid when the wheel go up til the wheels go down!!! So we hate being on delays EVEN more than Passangers do!!! WE ARE AT WORK FOR FREE during those times! I am sorry if you had a bad experience with a flight attendant! A lot of us love our jobs and love the customers that we get the opportunity to get to know and we would never want to make a bad impression but justremember that we are people to only we dont get the luxury of going home everynite to do cros swords in private!

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  • Ru
      Oct 04, 2009

    I understand if you are on a lay over or something like that. But coming into my allegiant flight last thursday oct 1, the one flight attendant half way said hello while looking over the shoulder of another flight attendant while she was reading "the National Enquirer" Now give me another line of bull!

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  • Sb
      Mar 29, 2010

    Judging by your tone and attitude you sound very much like you climbed on board your Allegiant Air flight with some attitude problem and have some vendetta against a Flight Attendant. Maybe you dated one and got dumped or something of that nature in the past. However it should always be noted that things are not always as they seam and your judging of a situation might be fogged. Just because a Flight Attendant for any airline would look at a magazine or etc does not mean they are bad, unprofessional or not doing the job for which they were hired for. The truth be known had your sorry complaint self had a heart attack on that plane, THAT very Flight Attendant you complain about would jump into action and possibly would have saved your non deserving complaining behind! Just something you might wabt to keep in mind on the complaint line.

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  • Fe
      Nov 16, 2010

    First of all, that flight attendant was not so professional. I agree ( but you can't expect first class treatment traveling the lowest class). Probably she already greated 500 people that day and let me tell you something. Those passengers when they are greeted by their flight attendant they wont say hello but they turn their backs and they just ignore the smile and the what is the point in doing that anyway...few years of that and you are done with people
    Other thing is that maybe the flight attendant just got tired of hundreds of mean and rude comments that people say..everyday the same things an the same complaints. There is nothing that they can do to help anybody anyway.
    Regarding the 4hour layover?..Allegiant keeps their flight attendants up to 20 hours stranded in an extremely hot or too cold plane with no pay or food, starving and exhaused and by the time they get home, dealing with the angriest passengers ever..they only get payed for maybe 3-4 hours. And those planes break all the time.
    If they get sick they still have to go to work because the company will have them fired for getting sick. And is hard not to get sick dealing with the dirtiest of people and planes, working up to exhaustion with no hot meal for 15 hours at a time and sleeping 4-5 hours a night since the schedules are done in the wrong way. You may see your flight attendant crying in pain in her seat since she might be about to pass out or she can not hear you anyway due to the bad ear infection(that people are not allowed to fly with a ear infection but those flight attendants have to)
    The planes are always broken and if there is not a delay due to something is a miracle. But dealy or not..people are always mean and angry and they smell bad, dont know how to use a lavatory, have no common sense and too many uneducated kids, body gasses and fluids, ...
    Hundreds of people every day faking all kinds of disabilities, being the center of the universe...all have a mean comment and a ton of expectations from a very low cost airline..helpless people in wheelchairs that can actually run out of the plane if they need to, flight attendants breaing their backs lifting people's extremely heavy bags(and they do not get payed for being stranded in a wheelchair for weeks in horrible pains..they dont even get a thank you from that passenger)
    And you might ask why people do this job?..well..the job' flight attendant' sounds SEEMS is just that by the time you quit you job to go to an unpayed training..stay on reserve forever with unhumane schedules and a 'barely I have food to eat ' paycheck and a lot of debt is pretty late you kinda have to go on. Needles to say that on the days off, you are in so much pain and exhausted to have energy to look for a different job...anyway...

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  • I agree with this passenger. I am a 65 year old woman, have been a missionary for over 25 years. I have traveled all over the world to many third world countries on just about every airline available worldwide. While traveling on Allegiant Air to visit my grandchildren and family I had not seen in several years, I had the worst experience of my life with a flight attendant . While struggling with my carry on overhead bag it became snagged on the latch of the overhead bin and I could not get it released. The flight attendant said " Give me that I have to check that bag it won't fit " I knew the bag would easily fit once I was able to release it from the latch. I am also a photography and the contents of the bag consisted of very expensive lens and camera equipment. I never check this bag because of its value. I carry the same bag when traveling, I know that it fits easily in the compartment. I replied back to the Flight attendant " I know it will fit it's just snagged on the latch. She replied back in a very rude manner " I've been doing this a long time and I'm telling you it's not going to fit". About that time the latch became detached and bag slide right in. "I said, There it fits." She said "Well if you are going to be disrespectful I'll have you know I can have you thrown off this plane, I suggest you sit down and not say another word." She was obviously very mad that the bag fit. When I sat down the passenger next to me said you need to get her name she had no right yelling at you like that. A few minutes later the flight attendant walked by and stuck her head around the other passengers sitting next to me and said, "Do you have something you want to say to me?" In a very snippy voice. I politely said, "Could I have your name please." She yelled, "You can have my name, It's Ann B I T C H and spelled it, and yelled you can also have my badge number and when you call to complaint they are just going to praise me for doing my job, now come with me, your getting off. ". She called security and grabbed my overhead bag. While waiting at the door for security to escort me off, my travel companion who also travels with me on missions had to disembark also because we wanted to stay together. I pleaded with her to change her mind because I didn't want to disappoint family who had traveled from other cities to spend time with me that weekend. She was very smug that she had the power to do this. Which was clearly an abuse of power. I never raised my voice, I do not drink or use profanity and was respectful at all times. I did not disrupt any passengers or at any time put them in any danger. The only disruption was this rude out of control flight attendant who was obviously having a bad day. I was escorted to the luggage carousel and told my checked luggage would be coming and to wait there. Of course that never happened, my luggage went on to my destination. My husband was in total shock when I called him, as was my family. My husband immediately booked me on a Southwest flight for later that day. Because it was a last minute flight it was $998.00. My husband sent a certified letter past customer service and up the chain, asking for a resolution and a quick response to this incident. He gave them ample time to reply and a deadline prior to litigation. If we do not get a satisfactory response we will proceed with litigation.

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  • Am
      Dec 30, 2016

    On a flight from Niagara Falls, NY to St. Petersburg, Fl. on 12/29/2016, flight attendants were very flat and especially one named Amanda was very rude to passengers snapping at them as she passed. As a frequent flyer with Allegiant I have never had a bad experience with the attendants, but this girl really needs to rethink her desire to do this job. She is an embarrassment to the company.

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