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All My Sons Moving and Storage / horrible experience!

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We were moving only 4.4 miles, but thought it a good idea to let professionals handle the big stuff. I saw the impressive 2-page ad for All My Sons and arranged for three men and a truck. The three men(who all spoke a little English), were shown the large items we wanted moved. The process moved very slowly as they completely mummified everything in shrink-wrap for the big four mile journey. They seemed more interested in moving the small things and had little regard for our priority for items to be moved. When my son showed them his desk to be moved, one of them said, "no, I'm just here for the box". They worked for almost 11-hours and filled one medium truck. They moved only 1/2 of the things we wanted moved. They didn't set up any beds, and failed to tell us about any of the wall wall dings including a deep 3-inch gouge into the sheet rock. The broke a leg off my daughter's new hutch, TAPED it in place, and then blamed my son in law for it!

When we met them at the new house, they refused to unload until we signed the credit card slip. They were charging us $1,903 for one fairly small load! Apparently, the rate after 8 hours goes from $119/hr to $178.50/hour. They also billed almost $100 for all that tape and shrink wrap, and had the audacity to bill 12% (on the total!) as a "fuel surcharge" (almost $200) for the big 4-mile journey. One of the managers (Dan) claims all "reputable" movers charge this. Well, they don't. For instance, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK don't charge overtime or a fuel surcharge for local moves.

Ironically, the one thing they didn't mummify in shrink wrap was our expensive king-sized mattress, which they rolled up like a taco and synched straps around. They acted like they had never moved a large mattress before.

Needless to say, we had to hurriedly rent a U-haul and round up some guys to move many of the things I thought our movers would. (Three of us did about as much as they did in 1/4th the time). I would never use All My Sons again.

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  • Pa
      27th of Jan, 2007
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    I am had a horrible experience with All My Sons when I moved last fall from San Francisco to Petaluma. They seemed very professional when I spoke with them on the phone and arranged the 20 mile move, but on moving day it was a very different experience.

    Three ragged street-thug types showed up for the move. They seemed unfamiliar with moving, complained how heavy everything was -- boxes, the furniture -- dropped a number of pieces of furniture getting them onto the truck and took 8 hours to move our things out and we had only a 1-bedroom apartment! When we arrived at the new residence, they presented me with a bill for over $1400 (well over the $800-$900 estimate we were given on the phone), and refused to unload any of our belongings unless we paid it immediately with Visa. One of the men complained of not feeling well when the unpacking began, and shortly after, he literally fell off the metal moving ramp with my prize desk in his arms, breaking it and hurting his ankle. When I asked them to please call in and report the accident, they refused, and the guy just sat out the rest of the unpacking, sitting on the lawn holding his leg. They did not want to move the furniture into the proper rooms of the house, and they left most of the items in the front room by the door. At that point, I hardly cared, I just wanted them to leave. The movers were very rude, and seemed very unconcerned about the breakages.

    It was a terrible day, and their "claims department" never returned my calls about the damages. I am now in the midst of disputing the entire bill with Visa.

    A word of warning to you all, NEVER use this disreputable company!

  • Ly
      23rd of Mar, 2007
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    Had same experience. Estimate was for about a 3 hour min move @ $114 for 3 guys. They did a good job moving the furniture. Once they have all of your things loaded they tell you that you owe: $243 for tape and other supplies (I had to remind them to protect the furniture with wrap).

    They took their darling time (spoking cigarettes out by the truck) and "taking inventory". They then mentioned that after they left that it would take 4 more hours once they arrived at there warehouse to store our things at their hourly rate plus overtime jumping up to $178 per hour. The bill went from the estimated $500-600 for a mile mile move to their storage to over $2000.

    When I became irate they said that I could find my own storage and I did within 15 minutes. Then they held my mother's things hostage. They wanted to be paid by credit card BEFORE bringing the furniture to the site. If it had been my home, they would have waited to get payment when they completed their job. They also claimed that they are "Bekins"---who are impeccable movers. Don't get RIPPED OFF by Isaac, the boss, at All My Sons, in San Antonio TX (off I 35) . I STRONGLY AGREE never use this company. Search the web for plentiful similar complaints about this company.

    I have learned get the estimate faxed/writing. Go over that estimate and any costs that may arise before you let the movers in the door of your home or sooner. Confirm that info with the key decision maker at a company. It is a horrible feeling to watch your Mother's stuff held hostage by unscrupulous thugs who did speak English quite well.

    Once you have your things. Contact your BBB, State Attorney General, to name a few...

    While I got majorly ripped-off, the new home owners/buyers came by and thought they would use them. I made certain that I called their realtor asap to prevent them from being ripped off. They really thought they were getting their business. I will let all realtors I know about them.

  • Do
      12th of Aug, 2007
    -1 Votes

    I used all my sons mover to mover my mother 1/2 mile away. While I was at work. They robbed me. Stole over $1400.00 in items. Never use these guys.

  • De
      10th of Sep, 2007
    -1 Votes

    My wife and I used All My Sons in Richmond Va to move us. We figured it would be easier than finding people to help us move our heavy stuff and their prices weren't too bad. They didn't mess with the prices and were very nice but they didn't exactly do what they were hired to do. They claimed to professionals and promised to take care of our stuff. We were moving out of a two bedroom apartment with a garage. There were three of them and a large truck. You would think there was plenty of space but they didn't agree. They told us the truck was getting full even though we still had a bunch of boxes left (we boxed the stuff ourselves). When we got to our house, the back half of the truck was only stacked about waist high. I had suggested to them to take the large stuff out our back door and around the yard at our apartment because there was a sharp turn on the stairs. They didn't take my advise and just about every piece of our bedroom furniture was marked up. Most of the stuff arrived in one piece with the exception of a floor lamp that we were thinking about getting rid of anyway. They weren't able to make sure everything made it into our house in one piece. One of the guys brought in a box, that I had marked heavy, rather awkwardly and dropped it on the floor. Luckily only one mixing bowl shattered and another large bowl was broken. The real problem wasn't discovered until the next weekend. We had to work that week so we couldn't unpack much until the next weekend. That is when I discovered that a box was missing. We searched franticall through the house but couldn't find it. The box contained about 40 PSII games and some accessories. The estimated value is over $1000. We had called initially to complain about the half done job and received NO assistance from the manager. She didn't act concerned and only offered to send someone else out to finish the job, at our expense, that we had already finished ourselves. I am still awaiting the outcome of my missing box. Do yourself a favor and use a different company. No matter who you use, try to track every box and inspect the truck before they leave for your destination and when the job is completed before they leave!

  • Br
      11th of Sep, 2007
    -1 Votes

    My husband and I used All My Sons to move from PA to Florida. I would NEVER use them again. Estimate $4000 (seemed high- we were told that we prob. overestimated our stuff and that the $ would be lower) went to $6000 by the time they delivered. The kicker is we were told that they do a NY to Florida run all the time and that a truck would be by, pick up our stuff, mostly boxes, and would then go to Florida. We were planning on storing most of the boxes in a storage facility so we labeled the boxes as we wanted them loaded on the moving truck (1st boxes on would be last boxes off and then on to house by us). 4 guys showed up- guy in charge seemed very helpful and professional. Loaded the truck with all our stuff as we wanted -no questions asked in- 2 hrs. Then found out that they took the stuff back to NY, loaded onto a different truck then took 3 weeks to finally call to say that they were on the way to Florida. I was sure that half the boxes would be gone but surprisingly all were accounted for and nothing missing from them! We made a lot of mistakes ourselves but we would still never use them again.

  • Ba
      7th of Dec, 2007
    -1 Votes

    Just to remind you people out there(and I will every few months) I had so many things that did never show up at my new house, or left at my old house. Wonder what all of the non English speaking scums did with my stuff??? This is the Utah company. Lots of things were broken too, and they won't stand by anything. Be sure not to sign a contract that they will replace so many pounds, cause they will only pay you a few pennies for breaking a very expensive glass! This is true!!!

  • Ci
      13th of Dec, 2007
    -1 Votes

    I used All My Sons to move me from Las Vegas to Sebring Fl. They broke NUMEROUS items and 2 boxes came up missing. My husband's VERY EXPENSIVE coin collection arrived OK because I packed it myself and marked it "Chess set" so the guys who showed up would not know there were coins in there. I had to have an inventory and appraisal in writing for the items and did not have the time. Steer clear of these guys. You'll get ripped off. I filed a complaint with the attorney general here in FL. They frown on ripping off of seniors. I got half my money back within a week.

  • Re
      11th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    When you say "search the internet for numerous complaints," realize this company has several locations, and in several states according to all of the comments. I own a wine boutique that just opened 3 chain stores, and I'd hate to think that if one did something upsetting, it would be held against all of our locations. I'd hope the public would be more intelligent in that respect, and also consider the ratio of moves they do to the number of complaints. Maybe that's a bit idealistic though.

  • Mi
      5th of Feb, 2008
    -1 Votes

    first off three men and a truck are movers with no experience what so ever. They will lower their price just to get the job. But is the job really done the right way? you go for the cheapest movers. But do you really know who is handling your furniture? people think cheapest is the best way. when inreality you have to pay more for better services. as for the fuel charge. gas isent free and i would have to agree with the company when they have to charge a fuel charge even tho you are 4-or 60 miles away. you are told in the begining that you will be charged a one time fee of this, before you sign or book with the company! so why are you complaning about it!?. if you didnyt like it from thebeging you shouldnt of booked~!

  • Gw
      18th of Mar, 2008
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    All my sons moving was the worst uncaring company that I have ever known.I was quoted $3600 for a move from tennessee to indiana.After they slowly packed my belongings on their trucks they told me that the trucks would be leaving on the same day as I did. I was notified on the second day that the transmission had gone out and one of the trucks had to be put into the shop,this went on for about five days.I was later notified that the move would cost $6600.I did not have that kind of money in my exspense provided by my insurance co.I notified all my sons that all that was available was $5100.Well being money hungry as they are they refused. I asked them how much is the bill so far just for packing some things and loading them on their trucks. I was told $2300 by kerry.I informed them that I would get another co. to get my things from them and bring them to me in Indiana.Kerry told me that I would have to pay them $500.00 to unpack their trucks because they would not let anyone on their trucks.Now we were at $2800.00.Well then All my sons sent a bill to my insurance for $3100.00 instead of the $2800.00 for not even moving my things.The other company which is ALL ABOUT MOVES agreed to bring me my things for $2300.00 the amount that would be left after the rip off company ALL MY SONS took the $2800.00. BUT with all my sons charging $3100.00 that would not leave enough for the other co. to move my things.I had to call DAVID(I COULD NOT FIND OUT WHO THE REAL OWNER WAS)AND LET HIM HAVE IT. THEY WERE HOLDING MY BELONGINGS HOSTAGE AT THIS POINT. DAVID FINALLY AGREED TO LET ALL ABOUT MOVES HAVE MY THINGS FOR $2800.00. I slept on the floor for four weeks. I had nothing for four weeks. No bed,linen,tv,micro wave,medication,washer or dryer,funiture,dishes,pots or pans...NOTHING FOR FOUR WEEKS THEY HAD MY LIFE ON THEIR TRUCKS. THEY MUST NOT HAVE BUSINESS IF THEY TIED UP TWO TRUCKS FOR FOUR WEEKS.THE OTHER COMPANY WAS SENT FROM GOD.ALL MY SONS OWN THEIR OWN TRUCKS. ALL ABOUT MOVES RENTED TWO TRUCKS,LOADED THE TRUCKS (BECAUSE ALL MY SONS UNLOADED MY THINGS ON THE LOT ) PAID FOR GAS AND DROVE EIGHT HRS. FOR $2300.ALL MY SONS WOULD NOT DO IT FOR $5100.00.BECAUSE THEY WANTED $6600.00.I WAS JUST NUMB AFTER A WHILE.

  • De
      3rd of Apr, 2008
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    I had to move from Austin, Texas to Jackson, Mississippi. Note: I had made the same move in reverse only three years prior and had hired a WONDERFUL moving company with EXCELLENT employees but couldn't find their info again and chose to go with AMS. What a bad, BAD idea! It not only cost me over double what the same exact move (WITH LESS STUFF THIS TIME!!) had cost just three years before- but the first time I had even gone thru a broker and it was still that much less! But at the time- I felt like I had no choice as I was running out of time to get out of my apartment. The salesperson, Jennifer, came to my house to look around and give me an estimate. Jennifer was my only contact for this company- (remember this fact in a moment please) So I sent them the money and the move was scheduled. Three men showed up. Two of them professed to be 'very experienced' while the other was new. This was his first move. The two made fun of him behind his back and in front of me. I felt sorry for the guy. Within ten minutes of being at my house the two started talking about the 'tip' they would be getting from me. Understand, I am a big tipper normally but their talking about it made me very uncmfortable as I had no idea what percentage to tip- also considering the huge amount I was already paying this company...I tried to call Jennifer to ask. She didn't answer and never returned my call. This was on Saturday. I also felt really bad as I didn't tip the guys from the first move & I REALLY liked them and the work they had done. These two guys went about packing up my things. When I would let them know that something they were packing needed to be packed better, they would say something to the effect of 'we got this' and would ignore me and what I was asking them to do. I have moved ALL across this country in the past thirty years and have never had things break. These two broke things as they were packing them! And had they not left the glass on the floor, which I later stepped on- I wouldn't have known until it was too late. When I mentioned to them that I'd found glass- they blew me off- again! The ONLY one who packed things in the way that I would have wanted- in a way that showed he cared- was the 'new guy'! The other two, was AWFUL! when I got to the new house and saw ALL that was broken. I swear, and I hate to use an already over-used term, but it was like my things had been packed by crackheads! SERIOUSLY! Nothing was marked as it should have been. Example: I found my dvd player in the bottom of a box marked 'Bathroom' and my bathroom things were in a box marked 'VRR' whatever the hell that is! Those two were even going to 'float' my antique mirrors in the back of the truck!! The new guy and I got them and packed them the way they should have been packed. When I started un-packing at the new place I was heartbroken at ALL of the sentimential things that I had had for thrity plus years that were broken and/or destroyed! I still haven't found everything and have been at new place for a month! They took NO CARE WHATSOEVER!! When I called Jennifer on that next Sunday. She was very upset with me that I had called her on Sunday. When I told her all that had happened her only response to me was 'I'm just the salesperson! It's not like you moved across town- you did move to another state! I will check with the crew because there are four sides to every story'!!! Are you kidding me?!! The only 'story' that should matter to her is the 'story' from her customer! The one who's is utimately paying her salary! And DUH- yes I did move to another state and your company says that's what they do! So shouldn't they have taken better care in how they packed my belongings???!!! So MANY things were ruined simply by their carelessness. So many things that I could NEVER replace are gone forever. It truly breaks my heart to know how many of my Grandmother's things were broken or ruined because of these two 'Professionals'. I will admit that I have not contacted them nor taken any further action against them as I felt like I already knew what their response would be and quite frankly I couldn't handle any more stress than I'd already had with them and with the move in general. But if writing this keeps ONE PERSON from giving them money or from using this company then I feel like I will just be a casualty of stupidity and it will have been for a greater good. THIS COMPANY SHOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS AT ALL!!! They are horrible all the way around- from the salesperson to the actual movers. I just hope that new guy gets out before his common sense and common decency leave him completely.

    Austin, Texas

  • Jo
      28th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I had scheduled an appointment for the 26th, and I even called and confirmed 3 times that the date and time were correct. When it came to moving day, I found myself sitting alone in an apartment ready to be moved, but no movers were in sight. I call All My Sons to find out the proplem, and they said the only appointment they showed for me was on the 1st. After arguing repetedly that I had an appointment on the 26th, the ### on the phone put me on hold, only to come back and repeat, "the only appointment I show is on the 1st." I was furious and had to rent a truck to move myself. After reading all of the other complaints, I am very greatful. Screw this company!!! Screw them right in the ear!!

  • Sa
      7th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Why did you repost this, Gwen? That's called spamming

  • Me
      17th of Jun, 2008
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    The "lead" man was way too friendly and uncomfortably familiar with me. I told him that my husband was working overseas and he ran with that!! He tried to get me to pay him part of the bill in cash. I said that that didn' t seem kosher to me and I didn't want the cash sum to come back and bite me since my estimate exceeded 3k as it was.
    I would never use them again!!!

  • Ca
      12th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Do not use this company!! All my sons quoted me at a lower price than the final bill. They left out important charges until the last minute. And yes they do hold your stuff hostage until THEY are happy.

  • Pe
      22nd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Our experience was very similar. First, they sold our name to Comcast and a secuity company so we had to deal with those phone calls. We moved within 4 miles. The movers had us quickly look at and sign documents using the billable moving time. They refused to give us copies of anything we signed. They broke items and then their office treated us like dirt when we called to ask about the claims process. They were bullies and extremely rude. The movers promised to move everything into our house but left heavy items in our driveway and drove off. They have not processed our claim 3 weeks later and they will not return our phone calls. The experience was so negative, I will NEVER recommend them. But I will take every opportunity to share my experience so others don't fall prey to their unethical, if not illegal, tactics. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and All My Sons has not even responded to that. IF YOU WANT THE WORST MOVING EXPERIENCE EVER, ALL MY SONS WILL MAKE THAT NIGHTMARE COME TRUE! THEY DID FOR US.

  • Pe
      23rd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    We had a similar horrible experience.

  • Bi
      13th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Though in many cases, moving your belongings can be a very stressful time. Most moving consumers don't think of the little stuff that needs to be moved, yet, time is money and each trip from the door to the truck and from the truck to the new door racks up the dollars. So, 12 large pcs of furniture is all we are going to move. That's 12 trips. Ooops, I forgot the 12 boxes of cushions and the few boxes of knick knacks etc. Another 6 or so trips, 50% more time. Also, furniture needs to be wrapped in pads, whether it's across the country or across the street. Damage does not occur while it's sitting on the truck. It's the carry time which all moves are the same. If you are a consumer looking for the cheapest way to do it, grab your college kids and get a u-haul. If you hire professionals, expect to pay for the services and don't tell them how to do the job. You don't tell your doctor how to administer his services do you? And, last minute storage is the most expensive thing that can happen. If the move wasn't set up for storage, it needs to be. Don't let the moving crew come to your home unless they quote has been made for the move you are doing that day. A normal move results in your furniture being handled twice, a known storage move results in your goods being handled 4 times, an unknown storage move can be handled up to 6 times by different crews. Use a professional mover and a professional Real Estate broker. You pay for what you get.

  • Mi
      16th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    They are terrible!!! They quoted us for 3hrs and 3 men $375. On moving day 2 me arrived. During the move One of the guys took a dump in my bathroom, the other guy went to smoke a cigarette. Then they broke a table (a week later we are still waiting for the form to fill out to get reimbursed). At the end they wanted to charge $ 854 for some so-called fuel charges and some other fees that was never discussed. Luckily we received our furniture before we signed off on any credit card slips. I called the credit card company and disputed the charges because All my sons refused to rectify the situation. Never again!!!

  • Ed
      21st of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    All My Sons destroyed my furniture! When the two arrived to pack up, they wrapped all the furniture in tarps very carefully and neatly, but when the delivered, they dumped my furniture like it was junk. My antique wardrobe had a big chunk missing off its door, my video cabinet was crushed to splinters, my sofa's wooden crosspiece was scratched and chipped, and my silk covered Chinese ottoman that my wife and I bought in Hong Kong 30 years ago was missing. Apes and bulls could have done a better job than these idiots. DON'T USE ALL MY SONS! They are horrible!

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