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All My Sons-Boise, Idaho / Fraud and cheating!

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When we used All My Sons to move from Boise to Illinois in May 2007, it was a horrible nightmare! First, they quoted us a rate of $6900 and then held us up for $10,547 before they unloaded in Illinois! We didn't expect the quote to be cast in stone, but we sure didn't think it would be that much more. We had more damage and missing items than we have experienced with any other moving company. Their careless and irresponsible packing crew put beautiful stained glass windows into regular cardboard boxes with no paper or padding of any kind. We unpacked to find them badly broken. It will require several hundred dollars to have just the largest window repaired, if the antique glass can be matched. Their packers did not bother to seal bags of flour or sugar before tossing them into a large box with other groceries. Flour and sugar were embedded into every crevice of everything to the extent we just had to throw out the whole box. That was worth at least $100 or more. Likewise, our bathrooms were packed in similar manner - bottles and jars were tossed into boxes without tightening the caps, wrapping them, or anything. We opened the soggy boxes to find everything permeated with olive oil products, soap, and other liquids that had spilled. Those boxes had to be thrown out. Another $100 or more. Even our lampshades were ripped to shreds and we had to pay $133 to replace them. Our 6 month old computer desk was completely demolished and we had to pay $650 for a new one. This had nothing to do with All My Sons packers, but it was part of the damage associated with choosing this company to move us. We never received many items such as the brand new sealed 5 gallon pail of rose water we had in the office, the whole case of protein water that was in the kitchen, and the Texas Longhorn skull that was on the back porch. All we received of the skull was one horn. Many other items were never received as well, such as our heavy duty push broom that their packers used to sweep out their truck. We discovered their packing crew did not even list all the items they packed on the inventories, therefore according to their contractor Bekins Van Lines, those items don't exist! We paid $87 plus shipping to replace the rose water, and the skull, which was a gift from our son, is not replaceable. However, if you were going to buy one, they run $400 and up. We filed a claim with Bekins, who sent us a check for $27 to cover all the damages and missing items. I called Bekins for an explanation and was told they have closed their file! This is not acceptable. The last week of August, I called All My Sons and spoke to Trevor about all the damage. I left a message for Brian (the owner) to call me back so we could work something out, but he did not return the call. Since it was the careless actions of the substandard All My Sons packing crew who caused the majority of the damage sustained, we believe we are entitled to a refund of a portion of what we paid for the packing. We paid in excess of $2000 for the crummy packing job, part of which was charged by All My Sons, and part of which was charged by the Bekins driver to finish the job that All My Sons did not complete. We filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Boise, asking for a measly refund of $1000 to partially compensate us for our losses, but All My Sons did not respond to the complaint as of this date, which is the response deadline. The Federal Motor Carrier Association also requested that we file a complaint with them, so that will be forthcoming. Obviously, these guys are going to leave us no choice but to hire a lawyer to sue them for deceptive trade practices. In the meantime, we will continue filing complaints all over the internet and we will not stop until we are fairly compensated.


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A  2nd of Sep, 2008 by 
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I used All My Sons in Aug 08 and had a bad experience with them also. I hired 3 guys and only 2 showed up. They charged me more than they said that they would. Also, they only brought one dolly to use between the two of them, so one guy was usually watching the other. Very slow. At the end of the day I went to pay and they told me that it would be an additional 3% if I paid by credit card. Also, because I was in a hurry to move, I asked if the same two guys could come back in 2 days to finish moving my things and they said they could. They ended up standing me up and never showed for the 2nd appt. I ended up hiring Advanced Movers 336-7412 and was VERY pleased with them. Had I hired them the first day it would have only taken me one day. Not to mention they were cheaper than All My Sons.
D  10th of Apr, 2009 by 
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That Sounds Bekins Not All My Sons !
D  10th of Apr, 2009 by 
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My Experance Was quite different, the crew they sent me was clean and moved me in less time then another company called crosstown . All My Sons will make any moves for me in the future

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