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On August 29, 2009 I was supposed to fly from Italy to JKF on Delta but unfortunately later learned the flight was operated by AZ ALITALIA S.P.A. My husband and I were flying home from our honeymoon. Our tv screens both did not work. I tried to get a flight attendant's attention for an hour. Finally one came over and said to go ahead and move up to another seat. To respect the situation I spoke to Antonella Fantin who claims she was the supervisor of the plane. She insisted I could not move my seat to watch a movie. I asked her why she would not allow us up tp watch a movie and later return to our seats as there were several vacant seats. She said she would not permit it and that Alitalia doesn't allow it. I said well actually you could allow it, you just don't want to and proceeded to walk back to my seat. At that point, I felt someone grab my arm forcefully from behind!!! I was shocked to see that Antonella "the Supervisor" put her hands on me. Antonella claimed she didn't mean to hurt me but that she wasn't finished talking to me. I was appalled. I will stop at nothing to file a complaint. Alitalia is the WORST! Antonella have no right to ever lay your hands on a passenger. You may not have had the intentions of hurting me but the simple fact of the matter is you most certainly did! Michelle (FL)

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      Sep 03, 2009

    OH Get Real!!! She Hurt You!!! Please. Perhaps you were being rude to the Flight Attendant?? I have been on so many flights where uppity passengers treat crew poorly if anything is wrong. I am sure the reason she didnt let you switch seats is one of two things, the way you asked, or the fact that the vacant seats were most probably in business class and you were most probably in coach, in which case she is correct to have said no. The ticket you buy is to get you from A to B, it does not say anything about TV screens. Why not call Delta, afterall, you were surprised that the flight was operated by Alitalia, is that not false advertising, perhaps you can sue!!!

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      Nov 23, 2009

    Alitalia is the worst airline in the world. Our baggage was lost on the way to Italy. The customer service in Rome refused to open a claim after five requests by us. We had to leave to catch our cruise and they still refused to fill out the paperwork for our claim. I had no casual clothes for our trip and because there was no claim officially opened they have washed their hands of it. All their doings, I can not fill out a form they refuse to give me. Shame on you Alitalia.

    Dorothy (Ca)

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