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Complaints & Reviews

beroepshouding stewards, zoekraken bagage, tel. bereikbaarheid enz.

Voor 5x 777 euro aan tickets geboekt Amsterdam-Rome-New York v.v. In Rome aangekomen met KLM, so far so good. Vanuit Rome een te krap toestel met weinig beenruimte. Vertrokken met vertraging vanuit Rome. Voor 2 mannelijke stewards was dit blijkbaar zo slaapverwekkend, dat zij, zittend met hun gezicht naar de passagiers toe, een poging deden in slaap te vallen zo niet in slaap gevallen waren. Er was zelfs een mannelijke steward, die met zijn eigen kind op zijn armen constant door het vliegtuig liep!
In NY aangekomen konden we niet direct uitstappen, waarop de airconditioning werd uitgezet!
Naar de bagageband en wat bleek: 4 stuks bagage nergens te vinden en we waren niet de enige. Voor de klantenservice van Alitalia stonden zo'n 30 personen te wachten!! Er bleef echter maar 1 man achter de balie de reizigers te woord staan. Na ongeveer 1 uur werden we te woord gestaan met achterlating van ons tel.nr.. Tijdens het wachten werden er koffers voor het kantoor gedeponeerd die niet waren afgehaald van de bagageband: het werd een bende van bagage voor dat kantoor van koffers van voorgaande vluchten, maar niet de onze...
Zonder bagage vertrokken met een taxi naar het hotel, maar wat moet je zonder koffer, zonder kleren, zonder wat dan ook. Na 2 dagen kwamen 's nachts 3 van de 4 koffers terug. Alitalia was niet bereikbaar en bij achterlating van ons tel.nr. werd er ook nooit terug gebeld. Na 12 dagen, voor onze terugreis, gingen we weer naar de balie van Alitalia. Die vertelde ons dat 1 koffer naar ons hotel was gegaan. Wij zeiden dat ons hotel dat niet zou accepteren indien we daar vertrokken waren. De dame achter de balie reageerde dit keer wel alert en was behulpzaam en ze liet onze koffer terug komen. Na een half uur kwam onze vermiste koffer terug, die de hele vakantie dus weg wat geweest en dus ook niet open geweest. Weer ingecheckt, dit keer met 5 koffers, omdat we een koffer hadden moeten kopen om onze gekochte kleding in te doen omdat we een koffer kwijt waren. Terugvlucht gelukkig met Delta, geweldig, wat een verademing... Ruim vliegtuig, goede service, prima bediening, 2 a 3 stoelen per persoon, film naar keuze, kortom cijfer 9!
Maar weer naar Rome voor de overstap: zou het lukken dit keer met onze bagage?
We zouden het weten in Amsterdam. En wat bleek in Amsterdam? WEER geen koffer te bekennen...
Dit keer 5 koffers weg. Service bij KLM was goed en we zouden op de hoogte worden gehouden.
In de namiddag werd uiteindelijk onze bagage thuis met een koeriersdienst bezorgd.
NEVER nooit meer met ALITALIA.. dan maar meer betalen zonder overstap. Nu nog maar afwachten of ze financieel over de brug komen...

awful service

Alitalia couldn't get my luggage transfered to my plane from Rome to Genoa despite a 1.5 hour delay. Once the luggage finally arrived in Genoa 12 hours later they couldn't garantee when it would be delivered to me on the next day even though they knew I was departing on a 3 week cruise. They delivered my luggage to my hotel instead of my cruise ship (after we left port) and never bothered to return ship's emails or deliver the luggage to any of the European cruise ship ports. I rceieved one piece of luggage the day after I returned from a 4 week vacation and my second piece is still missing. Their New York office puts you on hold (up to 1.25 hours) and then hangs up on you. I will never fly Alitalia again as long as I live.

  • To
    Tony NY Jul 18, 2009

    I totally sympathize with all the complaints against Alitalia Airline. I had the same experience when I missed a connection because previous flight (also an Alitalia flight) was delayed by three and a half (3.5) hours. When I approached Alitalia kiosk at Rome' s airport I was given nothing but a cold shoulder and attitude, I was even yelled to leave the area. I spent 24 hours in the airport waiting for next day flight. When I asked for hotel, food and shower they laughed in my face. This was not my fault they put me through hell and offered nothing to accommodate me. So here you go. If you are thinking of traveling with Alitalia or even have a connection with Alitalia airline, DON'T DO IT! SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE OF DEALING WITH THE MOST RUDE COSTUMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. I WAS WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO COME OUT AND SAY "SMILE YOU ARE ON HIDDEN CAMERA" BUT NO, IT WAS ALL TRUE. I AM DISGUSTED. ALITALIA COSTUMER SERVICE DEFIES ALL LOGIC.

    Tony NY

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rude and impolite

Not only are your flight attendants rude, but your entire company is rude...
You don't even have the courtesy to answer this email sent on Dec.21,

We flew from Miami to Milano on Alitalia~~not our first trip to Europe~~but
our first trip to Europe on Alitalia and hopefully it will be our last. We
were in business-first class and it was by far the worse service we have
ever received. Obviously, Americans are not welcomed or treated very
nicely on Alitalia. Fortunately, in America we do not treat "foreigners"
differently so this was very hard to understand the mentality of your flight
attendants. From Miami to Milano I thought the flight attendants were
just having a "bad day", but coming back from Milano to Miami they proved
that there were no "bad days" and they were just rude and impolite to
American tourists.

  • Ne
    Neostream Oct 29, 2011

    Travelled with Alitalia one time and I wish I won t do it again.
    Yes they were disorganized, very rude, I was boiling but it s not wise
    to have a problem on a jet !!! And that s what they are counting on,
    "We can do anything, you can do nothing"
    No wonder they have financial problems, no-one is satisfied,
    no one is coming back, no-one is recommending their Airline !

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  • Dp
    dpjadams Jun 25, 2012

    I filed a claim with air Alitalia on 05/10/2012 at their urging because our flight was delayed for 9hrs in Rome returning to Miami. I received an e-mail from them on May 22, 2012 saying they had tried to reach me by phone. In the e-mail they agreed to my complaint and they asked for an authorization and an updated address where they could send the money. I responded 3 times by e-mail and once by registered letter. I have not heard from them since. The file reference number is 4185060
    I now ask if Gate 1 can be of any assistance in getting some communication from air Alitalia and clear this matter up. My name is David P Adams 133 Hawthorne lane Westbrook Maine 207-854-4428 This is a temporary address.
    My gate 1 travel number was 420055 I have copies of all e-mail communications and registered letter numbers that can be provided if necessary

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lost baggage

2 month ago i came back to the states from ROME on alitlia and since that time i didn`t get my belongs tell now, they ask me in the airport to call a number which they gave me we traking number, no one answering, and the information about my adress and mphon num is roungh !!!, and i sent email and finaly they answer and ask me to wait 100 day..haha.here is nothing they can do now, poor people, so i`m just waiting my belong {95%of my cloths, mybooks and...alot of tings that i start forgeting them} so if any one can help pls send email

  • Fl
    flying_woes Sep 17, 2009

    I am in a similar situation. if u ever saw ur bag again, please let me know

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customer service

I purchased 3 tickets - 2 adult and 1 infant through Alitalia's website 2 or 3 weeks ago. Since I didn't receive a confirmation letter, I called the company and I was assured that my tickets were purchased. Today I found out that my credit card wasn't charged for this transacton. So, I called Alitalia again ... And my odessy began. I spoke with 3 of their customer care agents and none of them seemed to be helpful or polite. Is this Alitalia's policy?
I was supposed to travel on Dec.7, 2007 and go visiting my parents for the holidays. Now I have no ticket. They offered me to buy new ones which were 3 times more expensive. Even through a website you can find cheaper ones.
I asked to speak with a supervisor. First time I was on hold for a while and then the same agent told me that nothing could be done but buy new tickets. The second time I was left on hold for 10 mins and nobody answered so I hung up. The third time it was a very rude woman who just hung up on me.

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pathetic behaviour of staff

I had purchased a ticket from karachi office of alitalia in the first week of june 07 for the itenary of khi-doh-milan-paris-brussels-dubai-karachi . When i reached dubai in the early morning from milano, i was shocked to note that there was no such flight of pia as booked by the alitalia while the only available flight of pia for karachi was at 7.30 in the evening, i went to the alitalia staff on the airport and there was a gentleman named mr. abu alqasim who after hearing my ordeal, instantly refused to help and said he can neither provide me any assistance for the hotel and visa, which was requested as no flight existed with the number of pk-214 at 10.30 am at dubai international airport. With great great difficulty i managed to get the ticket endorsed by the above named gentleman and then managed to fly by emirates at 10 a.m., the ordeal does not finish here, when i reached karachi, my baggage was missing and i had to report for that, the same was found and sent on 3rd day after my arrival, in all this episode you would see that happenings were occured due to the mistakes of alitalia staff right from the start when they booked this passage, even if i beleive that the pia had changed schedule, even then, the airline was responsible to at least inform me about the change and the next confirmed flight for me.

worst customer service!

Alitalia was a different / out of this world experience. No customer service anywhere. Rude flight attendants and lack of organization at boarding, checking in and baggage claim. Lost one bag and told me not to call the again just to check on the internet. They do not answer the phone and / or return your messages. The flight attendants seen to be over work and pissed off all the time. They are rude and do not have basic customer service skills. DO NOT FLY ALITALIA, IT COULD BE YOU WORST NIGHTMARE.

  • Rs
    rs Jul 08, 2007

    I worked their for a short time and it wuz a nightmare. I can only imagine if i had lost my luggage and didn't get the proper re compensation. I am totally w/u 100% and i am Italian it puts a bad name to Italians so i am w/u.

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  • It
    Italiana_a_NY Mar 19, 2009

    Unfortunately I have to agree ... I am Italian too, I am actually waiting on the line now to talk to an operator to book my flight ... wait time shown on my phone, 64 minutes!!!
    I also had a problem, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a customer service rep to talk to!!!
    I tried many numbers, their office on fifth ave is not open to the public anymore, I went there in person without knowing and they didn't let me in and said they couldnt help in any way and to contact the same number I am calling now. Representatives at this number though (800) thugh are not able to help you with anything, just to book your ticket.

    This is totally ridiculous, I am sorry to say that Alitalia sucks since they changed this year.

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  • Am
    amine Aug 28, 2009

    Alitalia has got to be one of the worst airlines in the developed world. Kiss your luggage good bye.

    A: Always
    L: Late
    I: In
    T: Takeoff
    A: Always
    L: Late
    I: In
    A: Arrival

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  • Je
    jenthebird123 Jan 10, 2012

    I feel your pain.

    I booked my honeymoon with Alitalia and it was the worst mistake I've ever made.

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  • An
    antonia vavalle Jan 24, 2016

    IL mio nome e Antonia Vavalle e sono molto arabita per il tratamento cke mio padre, e mia madre anno richavuto da i lavoratori cke anno portato mio padre nelle pulman, dei disabile, mio padre e malato e mia madre doveva andare con lui nell pulman per predere il loro volo da Roma (FCO)to BARI (BRI), pero anno deciso loro cke non cera posto per mia madre e lono portato solo a mio padre losciando mia madre sola per predere la ario? se mia madre non prendeva il volo cke cosa a vebre suceso mio padre si e fato nervoso fin cke a visto sua moglie di venere a sedersi vicino a lui questo non e gusto cke io o pagato tutti questi soldi per a vera mia madre e mio padre cke e maloto ! di stare in seme e loro anno deciso di separale ale quela stava molto posto per mia madre di andare nell pulman con mio padre come doveva ! questo non e normale il volo e AZ1613 FCO ROMA FIUMICINO, ITALY TO BRI BARI ITALY i mie genitori se ckimano Vavalle Nicola Antonio e Gjelina Nexhmie e questa e una cose cke dove justa percke mio pdre si e agitato molto e I sono molto ARABIATA sestovo I la loro non sela pasovano lichia ancke se perdevo il volo IL MIO NOME E ANTONIA VAVALLE IL MIO NUMERO DI TELEFONO E 847-378-8192 e voglio una risposta da cki comanda ALITALIA aspetero la vosta risposta, ho mandato due email al alitalia due wolte non ho avuto risposta da loro non e justo cke tratano le pesone cosi male i agree with all the complains is not alitalia it the mangers that run the air line and it a same

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avoid alitalia airlines!

I booked Alitalia Flight to my visit to Munich on November 13 to November 18, I emailed as well requested on...

very poor service, always losing luggage!

I am in the US Navy and was stationed in the UK between July 2017 and July 2017. I took a trip to Bucharest, Romania in 2017 if I am not mistaken and booked a flight on Alitalia Airlines. The trip to Romania was a nice one but upon my return flight back it was a nightmare. First the flight lost my luggage and I had to wait two hours in line to file a claim with the airline at the airport. This of course cost me the last train back to London which I had to get a cab for about $120 instead. Next I waited about a month and called the company. They told me I had to contact the office in New York since I was a US citizen. Each time I called they either hung up on me or would pretend to transfer me to the correct department and then hang up on me. They never would give the number of the department. Finally after sending a certified letter to the office I waited about three months for a reply and they told me they were not responsible for the lost luggage. They would not
pay for the bag nor the contents which totaled about $140.00 approximately. I contacted the president of the company and in a nutshell was told in a letter that it sucked to be me. They would not discuss why no one from the company bothered to contact me in the first place, why it took so long to find someone to talk with, why i was always hung up on or why they would not pay for the luggage that THEY lost.

If you don't want very poor service and from what i have read they have filed for backrupcy and they are always losing luggage - Then DONT FLY ALITALIA Airlines. BOYCOTT them.


Oak Harbor, WA 98277

  • Ke
    Kelly Doerr Aug 06, 2009

    Two Years ago my son took a trip to Europe - Air Alitalia lost his luggage - it wasn't returned until a month after he returned. There is NO telephone number for Customer Service. Everything is by fax and mail. Not even Email. I have yet to speak to a person. We have filed a claim because much of his spending money was used on essentials and clothes. After providing all the requested receipts, photos, documents, etc. They just stopped answering our mail. No final response on the claim was ever received. This is has been going on for two years. They ruined his vacation and now just ignore their customers. NEVER FLY WITH THEM. You can't even reach them when you need assistance.

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  • Ma
    Marriedman Dec 07, 2009

    My wife and I flew Alitalia Airlines this past May-June from London to Rome (after a layover). They lost my baggage which I did not get back until 60% of our tour was over. Their customer service sucks and they LIE to you. I spent more money than my stuff was worth, their workers stole a suit and they finally settled with me for $500 in August! I had a $400 cell phone bill they would NOT COVER which was what I spent trying to call them in Italy and their NYC offices. They hung up on me and kept me waiting for over 30 minutes on a call! They are rude and their in flight service sucks. DO NOT FLY ALITALIA EVER!! Spend the extra money and fly Virgin or someone else.

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  • Jo
    joannem. Jun 03, 2011

    i had 50, 000 travel points transferred from my american express card to alitalia for a flight to italy 5 days ago. they gave a confirmation number for the transfer but now say they have no points for me and that i need to pay for my upgrade if i want it. not only can they not fix this problem but they have been (when you actually get to speak with anyone) rude, combative and insulting with both me and the american express rep and manager. most calls made, and there have been more than 40, we have been hung up on. amex has told me thay are pretty amazed at the rudeness communication and apoligized to me for having to listen to it. the airline was verbally abusive. the only thing i can do right now is wait to see if any resolution comes in the next few days. if not i am considering proceding with a legal complaint.

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  • Mo
    mouradhe May 18, 2019

    You reject our boarding since last July 2018

    Now we are following you about the refund and you are escaping
    PLEASE ANSWER and send the money back!

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