SUBMIT A COMPLAINT - fraud, they ask social security number and drivers license so you can buy

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Since 1 month "" to force the use of they payment service "", start a "regulatory requirements" campain forcing all clients that want to buy on the site "" to give them your Social Security Number and upload an image of the Drivers License. OMG is like if i go to Walmart and the security person on the door don´t let you get into the store till you give them your SSN and Drivers License!!! Is hilarious, ask for that so you can buy????? If they are not going to give me a credit card or credit, so why the ask for that information??? It´s excessive ask for that information so you can buy!! And that is not all, now 30 days after no one, chat or mail give and answer. Why they ask for information if they dont even have the personal to deal with all the documents?

Dec 30, 2015
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  • Al
      Jan 05, 2016

    Same thing here. Not giving out my social either.

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  • Ja
      Mar 26, 2016

    My order just got canceled because I wouldn't provide the same information. Crazy that you can't buy something on the internet without giving someone enough information to steal your identity.

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  • Da
      Oct 05, 2017

    Happened to me too awhile ago. No way am I giving that up.

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  • Aa
      Apr 21, 2019

    SSN to buy things on the internet? this is 2019; can it get more rediculous than that? just do 2-step verification or something. we shouldn't need to give out the most private piece of information we have.

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