AliExpress / yanhe store cuppa snooker cue

Customer purchase [protected]
I placed an order with full payment but after my payment seller send me message that pay extra 75 dollar so he will ship this order .I mean it is fair that when you invest your money time energy and trust of online supplier with Ali that supplier can easily cheat at purchase .

I want to complaint this supplier as blacklist and I want him either send me this order on same prices which he set online before and originally I paid with my card 85 dollar.

seriously this is not acceptable for any customer to be cheated in this way and my complaint not for me it's for future customer.

Yanhe store supplier of cuppa cue stick for snooker is cheater and fraud supplier and kindly take legal action against him to stop his fraud .

Even he has to pay me back for my time and hurting me and not providing me my order even after fill payment.

My regards

Jawad Akhtar
KSA Mobile


May 28, 2018

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