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Hangzhou, CN
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I have made an order for a gold catsuit using a guest account and paid $38.32 using my Amex card then did not get an email confirmation so I thought it did not push through. I then placed another order for a gold catsuit and found a better deal for $29.66 but this time I signed up for an Aliexpress account. I have received the item and the payment was taken out of my Visa card.

I have received by Amex credit card statement and to my surprise, $38.32 was taken out and I did not receive the item. I have contacted Aliexpress on multiple occasions and have provided them all the details they need to investigate. I was told many times via chat support that someone from their escalations group will contact me via email and ignore the generic email they sent.

Until finally, I am told to do something different which is to report it to my bank which I think is crazy as this is not a fraudulent transaction. This is the responsibility of the merchant and not the bank. Reporting this to the bank would mean I would need to cancel the card which is very inconvenient on my end.

I do not appreciate that I was made to wait for nothing. Aliexpress should be coordinating with American Express to check the approval codes and not my bank.

I have attached a copy of my statement, the generic email and the chat messages.



Nov 19, 2017

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