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Dear AE,

Highly disappointing judgement and poor decision.

You can decide and do whatever you want because I have paid 100% as per required by seller and customs.

In end I have to pay much higher rates as compare to any other local or online foreign option. Poor customer services and exploitation of buyers through AE.

Buyer makes decision based on given/mentioned quality and rate (inclusive tax, customs, shipping etc.) With clear understanding that mentioned rates are total cost.

If a seller can't foresee and calculate total cost to supply any purchase and offered a wrong rate then it's not buyers fault or fraud. Based on mentioned total cost, buyer made purchase decision and pay 100% in advance. But later buyer been asked by seller to go and get his/her purchases released. This was not part of purchase neither the total cost. This is wrong.

Means due to inefficient and incapable seller, buyers will be purchasing less and paying more. Not professional.

I can translate this deal and transaction as my poorest experience.

Felt being cheated and exploited in the hands of inefficient and incapable seller. Trap customer by lower rates and in end let buyer to pay more and left alone.

I demanded refund not for cash only but also for considering I am dealing with a professional seller through a professional medium (AE).

I am extremely disappointed and dissatisfied.

Now I can not and will not do anything else, but I can only share my poorest experience with my community, family, friends and colleagues as it will be my moral duty to try to protect and warn others as much as possible.

I can only protect my self in future purchasing through other professional and safe options. Good day.


Athar Niaz

Dec 02, 2018

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