AliExpress / bad service and cost to the buyer

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Purchase a sandals online via aliexpress.
Seller provided china post tracking number to avoid dispatching time expiry.
Yet i requested tnt delivry and was charged $30
Total cost $ 95
Parcel landed in south africa.
Supplier declared value to tnt express as $ 80
Customs charged me r890 clearance fee
I requested the refund of $40 from supplier by doing a dispute.
It was approved.

Customs requested my payment for this transaction . Which reflected $ 95
Customs said i must pay r2500 penalty for false declaration before they can release the parcel.
This means the sandals will be costing me r 5000 ( $350)

I contact aliepxress and the seller.
Both are ignoring me.
Sent an email to ali and the supplier.
Week later no response.

Spent over r 100 000 at aliexpress and this is the outcome.


Dec 04, 2016

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