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Dear Syed,

This is to bring your attention to the pathetic quality of the two footwear I purchased from the ALDO outlet at R-City Mall in Mumbai. The two footwear I purchased on 10 June 2017 costed me INR 6474/- (bill attached) at a discount being offered at the outlet (the full price for both was INR 9998/-).

Both the footwear have precisely been worn twice and the V – Strap of one has cracked at multiple places with pieces chipping off (pictures attached). The pasting of the second piece is giving way at multiple places (pictures attached). Both these footwear are from current stock and being sold at the various outlets as I write this email.

Such serious quality defects in merchandise being sold by an international brand like ALDO at a significant price are not acceptable! To top it when we reported the issue to the outlet, the store manager (Mr. Nasir Shaikh ) expressed his inability to deal with the quality issues (even though he agreed that there was a quality issue with both the pieces) and gave us your email id as the authority who has the power to address this concern. There were other buyers at the outlet who saw the condition of new footwear and were shocked at the lack of customer service attitude being shown by your store manager!

Please collect the footwear from my address as I do not wish to keep them (address in signature below). I have lost faith in your brand and want a full refund of the amount paid at the time of purchase.

I trust as the authority to deal with such issues and the custodian of the ALDO brand in the region you will address this concern of mine at the earliest. I look forward to hearing from you on the redressal measures within the next 48hours.

Aldo Shoes
Aldo Shoes
Aldo Shoes

Jul 12, 2017

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