Aldo Shoes / got the shoes back and have not returned my money

United States
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I purchased 7 pairs of shoes from there website. The website was incorrectly size for the United States so they were all to small. I called only to find out that four pair came in my size. I order those four and received return receipts for the other seven. Once they received the other seven they would refund my money. Well that was a month ago. I have been calling for the last two weeks attempting to obtain a refund. I have called an spoken with several people - they say they will return my all in 24-48 hours however thta never happens when I call back they act as if they dont know what I am talking about. When I call the extention that I spoke with prior too the keep saying that they are working on it. I have spent over five hours attempting to collect a refund an they have finally refund $66.15. I am waiting to hear from the department manager who happens to always be out in order to get the remaining balance. I will NEVER order from them again on line. It is stealing for them to get the shoes back and not return my money. As far as I am concerned they are theives. I spoke with Julie at ext 2706 she never returned the call. I spoke with a young lady at ext 8982 she of course never return the call. This company is UNBELIEVABLE

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