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Yesterday, I went into your store to shop around 6p.m. and discovered I was not allowed to used the restroom because it closes an hour before the actual store closes. I was outraged of coase first, because I had never heard of such a business practice in my entire life and second, since you insist on closing this location two hours earlier making it extremely difficult to shop here, the one day I make it here on time I had to do an abbreviated shopping spree so not to pee my pants!

Listen, I"ve shopped your stores all over St. Louis mostly because they are opened at a later time and because you've allowed a bigger variety of brands and wine selection there. Yet, in my community you've brought us special store hours, special bathroom privileges, and a special grocery slection.

Well, we don't want it. I've polled some of your customers inside and outside of the stores. One who told me her child had to urinate behind your store once because you'd closed your restrooms earlier than the store. This is outrageous and disgraceful and not to mention reeks of discrimination, classism and favoritism.

We are not animals. If ever we grace your store to spend our hard earned money, we should be allowed to have our children use your bathroom facilities and as customers we should be offered the same quality products as all other Aldi's locations. Otherwise, go away!

Jul 24, 2018
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  •   Jul 24, 2018

    Why should a store provide bathrooms to customers? It costs money to clean, stock and maintain bathrooms. You want low prices so you have to sacrifice something.

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