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ther was a mgr by the name Kevin that flat out denied me a rtn WITH RECEIPT within 2 days, i was told that i had 2 Rtn the food @the reisserstown store in which it was purchased, once i told the MGR I never had this concern b4 he asnrd UHHHUMM then proceeded 2 WALK OFF h e was abrupt n dissrespectfull and i feel extrmely byassed, the caashier appologised n stated she can only go by what the "mgr" says this was tody 1/18/2011 @7:43pm on 117or116 reisserstown rd in maryland, he was bein prejudice /byass b/c i rtn regularly sooo what if i have a recipt saying i payed CASH WAS THE PROBLEM! besides i was told ny a teller @ the liberty rd store that i dont need a receipt if i was rtning a item that wasnt perishable u can contact me @[protected] i fell that mgrs especially mgrs r supposed @ conduct themselves more professionally with cash paying customers.besides another mgr WROTE ALL OVER my receipt n questioned me more than once, on if i need my receipt bac that had multiple purchases on it, this took place the prior wk with a black female mgr in her 30's? thans u 4 ur time and cooperation this happened @ store # 33 on reisserstown rd in md by a apparent african american male mgr named Kevin as per the possibly 20yr old empathetic [protected]@ the said time n date! im appauled EXTREMELY

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      19th of Jan, 2011

    Exactly what stealth said. Stores DO NOT HAVE to take ANYTHING back. they could very well tell you to bugger off if they so choose. Every store has different conditions on returns. some stores don't do returns at all.. and please for the sake of intelligent brains everywhere.. PLEASE TYPE in some form of legible words. Doesn't even have to be English.. just something that someone somewhere can read..

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      19th of Jan, 2011

    Does anyone know anything about a company named The General Advocate Group? They are suppose to be a company that helps people who have been taken by companies who say they have a buyer for your timeshare ...they work on your behalf to get back the money you paid at a cost of 50% to you. You pay the cost only after you receive the money...there is no cost up front and none if they don't get your money back. They have an A- rating with BBB and it says they have only had one complaint against them. I would like to know if anyone else has dealt with them and your response before I commit any further. Thank you.

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