Albertsonsunethical behavior - false advertising

I am hopping mad.
Today is Saturday, the biggest shopping day of the week. Based on Albertsons ad, I invited family over for steak dinner tonight and here I sit with no steaks.

Albertsons in Colorado Springs advertised ON THE FRONT PAGE of their sales paper that they had T-Bone Steaks on sale for $6.99 lb. and on the little fold-over they advertised they had Top Round Roasts (or London Broil) on sale for $3.99 lb. My husband and I drove to two Albertsons here in Colorado Springs to purchase 10 or 15 steaks and 2 or 3 big roasts. One store had 3 or 4 puny, picked-over T-Bones that (despite the picture in the ad) had NO tenderloin and each weighed less than a pound and there were NO Top Round roasts, the next store had crummy-looking 1 T-Bone and 1 tiny little Top Round roast that weighed about 2 pounds. We asked a meat department employee if they had any T-Bones and he said they "hadn't got their supply from the warehouse" and when we asked about the roast he said "London Broil?" and I told him "No, the Top Round Roasts you have advertised" and when he replied with "London Broil?" again, I could see there was no point in talking to him.

It is incredibly UNETHICAL to advertise something and then NOT deliver what YOUR BUYERS KNOW is an ample sale supply to your stores, then depend on your poor employees to hand out the mealy-mouthed excuse to your customers that they didn't get their shipment of that item in from your warehouse. Don't tell me there was "a problem with your warehouse" ... I am not buying it! This is bad business and it is dishonest business ... you know it and so do your customers. My husband and I wasted a lot of time, effort, and gas this morning and all we got for it was being greatly angered at feeling like we'd "been had" by your false advertising. We didn't spend our time and gas to get a stinking raincheck ticket, we made the trip to purchase the meat you advertised. I bet you thought we'd buy other stuff at your store while we were there ... well, you were wrong ... we put it back and left. Just on principle alone, it'll be a cold day in Hades before we darken Albertsons door again. Albertsons should be ashamed at being so disrespectful to its customers and to its employees, who will no doubt have many angry customers in their face this weekend over Albertsons "baiting" ad with the steaks and roasts.

Our experience at Albertsons today is the exact same technique Safeway has pulled on its customers for several decades and it is the #1 reason my entire family does not shop at Safeway, the #2 being their ridiculous shelf prices. If this is how Albertsons is going to treat its customers, then I'm happy to just toss out Albertsons weekly ads along with Safeway's and do all of my shopping at King Soopers and Walmart.

Feb 27, 2016

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