Albertsons / the manager denise l's attitude at 89138 location on charleston on 10.15.17 at night

Las Vegas, NV, United States

About the Manager Denise L's attitude at 89138 Location on Charleston on 10.15.17 at night around 7 to 9 PM or so.

She had the worse attitude I ever encountered in the service industry, rude and condescending. At the check-out, I asked her to double bag things, and she started arguing with me, and refused. Not even in a nice matter, just flat out cold, arrogant, and mean. she thinks she is a big-shot manager that she does not need to be nice to customers. I needed those bags for special reasons, and she is the 1st one refused in the history of my grocery shopping, and I spent an average of $500.00 weekly on grocery bills. I will have to go to Smith's now instead to avoid her.

Oct 16, 2017

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