Albertsonsten cents

I bought three 2 ltr of Pepsi along with other groceries. I placed two of the pepsi bottles in my cart and said that I would not need a bag for them but everything still on the bagging area I would. The bag boy starts bagging and then puts all three Pepsi bottles in cart. I remind the register lady that I needed to go upstairs and thus the one Pepsi needed to be bagged. She then says it'll be an additional ten cents since I had already paid before I let them both know previous request.
She says they couldn't fit the one Pepsi so I might as well buy the third bag. So I used my debit card to buy third bag at ten cents which doesn't make much sense seeing it costs you per transaction.
I moved an item in second bag and easily placed bottle of Pepsi inside.
Common sense, pass it on. Frustrating cuz I love my Albertsons store and it's just a dime but yeah the argumentative and dismissiveness from register lady ended up reason for sitting down to write this. I have two receipts if needed to show if interested in seeing them.

Jul 24, 2017

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