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Albertsons / manager customer service

1 Baton Rouge, LA, United States

Date 11/21/16, 10:55pm
M.O.D- Sonja
Location: 9650 Airline Hwy
I walked in the store at exactly this time before closing and I ran in to buy a few alcoholic beverages for my home. I had two other people with me in the store and they walked over to the liquor section with me. They were giving me suggestions on what to buy and I was indecisive but in the midst of that, the manager Sonja walks over and goes "Um, mam its 11:00, we close at 11" with an attitude in her tone. But we apologized and said okay we are on our way out. I was the guardian responsible for the two people with me because I was their ride home from a birthday dinner. Because they were not of age to purchase I told them just wait for me to check out and ill be done in a minute. So they waited by the door and I instantly hear the manager spark an argument with them as I'm checking out. She had a very rude tone and insinuated because one of them "touched" the bottle, that they may have even been attempting to steal! So when she was yelling "Where are the bottles !" The cashier and I showed her that I was paying for them and then she insisted on carding everyone present. So at this point I was highly frustrated because the machine was processing payment as we were standing there and it was obvious no one was capable of doing anything because we were the only people in the entire store! This manager then argued with me about carding them when I kept it no secret they were not old enough to purchase, they were not involved in anything concerning the alcohol and for that reason she should not have been acting in such an unprofessional manner. Some disciplinary action needs to take place because this is not the first time I have encountered bad customer service at this store, but this is the first time I have encountered this situation and if anyone needs to speak with me, please feel free to email me [protected]

Nov 22, 2016

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