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Alaska Airlines / customer service/luggage

1 United States

Good morning Alaska Airlines,

Im writing you in reference to a recent experience I had with your Airline. Below is a description of my flight itinerary.

21 Dec Anchorage - Portland Flt 134, seat 23 C
21 Dec Portland - Seattle Flt 2254 seat 8B
21 Dec Seattle - New Orleans Flt 788 seat 18B

My experience from:

Anchorage- Portland

was good with the exception of it being delayed.

Portland - Seattle

is were things became interesting. Our flight was delayed twice because of crew members being late. At first thought was isolated however multiple aircraft were postponed because of this. My flight arrived as my flight to New Orleans was supposed to take off and they held the aircraft at the gate for our arrival.

Seattle - New Orleans

I was concerned my luggage would not make it on time. Which turned out to be correct.

I meet with the representative near carrousel 11 and explained what happen. She stated that my luggage would arrive via American Airline around 1100pm, ( when I had arrived at 430pm) she also stated that I would need to return to pick my luggage up. I stated that this did not seem to be a good solution and if I got a hotel room for the night could my luggage be brought to me. She said that she told me it would be arriving via American Airlines and that she had nothing to do with it. I told her that this seemed odd when Alaska Airlines prides themselves with 20 min baggage delivery to the carrousel.

I also then asked for her name since the lanyard she was wearing was turned around backwards. She said "why so that I could make a complaint", I responded with, since you work for a company and are in customer service, I should be able to know your name. She would not provide me her name. I then asked if I can talk to your supervisor? She then stated the supervisor was not at work. I said can I talk to someone else in charge and she said that there was no one. I asked if she was in charge and she stated that, that is not what she said. I then asked if there was a number I could call or email and she again refused to provide information. I was becoming frustrated with the situation and decide to walk away.

I then walked over to American Airlines and explained that Alask Airlines had arranged for m y luggage to arrive on one of there planes and asked if they could have it delivered to an hotel if I got a room (as I live in Biloxi and did not feel like waiting from 4300 1100 pm and then drive for 2 hr). She stated that they could not because I last flew with Alaska airline and that violated some rules and liability (really nice to deal with the AA workers). She then went with me to talk to the Alaska Airline individual, but she was no longer in the office by carousel 11. She then called and asked for a rep to come down stairs. I waited about 20 min and no one came down. I then notified the American Airline worker that I would get a hotel room and return in the morning for my luggage.

 -Side note is that I was in Alaska looking to buy property and if and when I did would be using Alaska Airline to travel between Alaska and lower 48. I will seek alternative means if this employee represents what your company stands for.

Multiple delays (somewhat understandable this time of year) I do not get multiple flights not having a all crew members

Customer service:
Refuse to provide her name. Refused provide supervisor information and refused to assist with delivery of luggage. Refused to provide email or phone number. This resulted in me having to find something to do for 6 hours after a long trip or get hotel room. I elected to get hotel room at an additional expense around the holidays. This was my decision, but if my bags could have been delivered to my home I would not have felt the need to make this decision.

*** I have been in the military for over 15 years and travelled more times than I can count and this was one of the most rude individuals I have ever dealt with in a customer service position.

Please feel free to call me if you want to discuss these issues further.

Kenneth Martin

Dec 24, 2018

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