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Airtel Prepaid / fraud and cheating!

1 India

The attitude towards customer care regarding certain problems are the worst.
My problem is about airtel live, where there have been 2 incidences.

The first incident is i was going through certain links in airtel live where by suddenly i got a message from airtel saying thank you for using airtel live. Usually in this case, there would have been a balance deduction for some amount. The system would have taken into account for some download the user would have done. It is very easy for everybody to assume that the user might have accidentally clicked on certain link such that the download might have happened.

But in my case I'm damn sure that i have not pressed on any download link. Even in case i have done, i called up the customer care, where by they ask a standard 24 hours for the system to reflect the data on the download details and then they will either they will refund the money or the content. At least thats what they claim.

But this accounts not to happen 100% of the time. After 24 hours, u would notice that there is absolutely no difference in your balance or u would not have received any content from airtel. After that if u call up the customer care, they would say that the details are still not updated and they will ask another 2 hours(again standard procedure) by then where they will again say that they will give the content back or the balance. Again this won't happen.

The company solely relies on the customer's loss of will to escape from giving the customer their money back. This is called daylight robbery... These people will easily get away saying that the system is not reflecting, or u have made a download thats y the balance or deducted and so on and on and on...

But the worst problem is that, every time u call up the customer care u will have to narrate the whole story again and again to the new customer care executive who will be attending your call...

And he then will register only a new complaint and will give you only a new deadline... But rest assure, not the solution that you seek...

The company is officially robbing people of the money and escaping from paying the money back to the customer.

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