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Airtel pre-paid connection / unauthorized mobile charges

1 India

Below are all the letters that i have sent to Airtel Support with no assistance so far.

Are you gonna do something about this or not. I have not received any assistance so far. Never expected such a disastrous service from a company like yours. No one has followed up with me so far……………. This is really annoying and shakes my faith in your company……………. I cannot describe what all I have gone through because of you guyz………………………. I would call it a nightmare…………………. And would not continue with your services…………. Will never ever take your connection and will not let anyone known to me take your connections…………. First of all you guyz; charge illegally, stops all outgoing calls even to customer care number and on the top of that there is no accountability, no responsibility on your part……………….. this is very disgusting …………. I currently have 3 Airtel connections in my name ……those would soon be called a past……………… I can feel the pain whenever I see your banners or see your advertisements…………. Anything related to Airtel elevates my anger…………………. No Airtel for sure from now onwards…………………

This is to show my frustation on the services provided to me by Airtel Mobile Services. This has been a really disappointing and frustating experience and that too after using your services for a long period of time. I came to Mountabu, Rajasthan from Chandigarh on 24 June 2009. We left for Mountabu, Rajasthan on 23 June 2009. Till that time I had between Rs. 350-400 in my pre-paid Airtel Card (Mobile number: [protected], local number for chandigarh). I knew that my cell would be on roaming and would need atleast some balance so; that I can be in touch with my people and in case of emergency, I can use mu phone as Mountabu does not have much facilities. I didnt make much calls and receieved few calls only but was charged enormously hight amount for that. After every incoming call; it used to show that I have been charged Rs. 1 per minutes but in actual if you dial *123# it used to show 16-20 times more deduction. I did not notice it earlier but in two days that is on 26 June 2009; my balance was as low as Rs. 89 or something and all my outgoing calls were barred including the Airtel Customer Care phone number was also barred. The same day that is on 26 June 2009 around 10:00 PM I called my friend and get is recharged for Rs 333 and my balance was then Rs.415 or something. I just received an incoimg call for about 2-3 minutes the same day and 10-12 minutes call on the very morning and also sent 1 or 2 messages and i still could not make outgoing calls. In total the amount which shuld have been charged should be around (Rs. 15 for the incoming calls and max Rs. 4.5 for messages) but the balance went down to Rs. 354 then i started noting these things. I then again received a call for 1 minute and the pop up message showed that I have been charged Rs. 1 but in actual when I dialed *123# my balance went down to Rs. 338 (Rs. 16 were deducted for a 1 minute incoimg calls...Is this kind of services you are providing to your customers with no support at all. Again then for 1 3 messages i was charged around Rs. 12 which should have been Rs. 4.5. I then requested one my friend in Chandigarh to call Airtel Customer Care from her pre-paid airtel connected and when she called; she was informed that you charge all calls to Mountabu at international rates. Are you guys Silly...Do you think that Mountabu, Rajasthan is an international location. What rubbish? Please teach your Customer Care reps India's geography first. I want all my money refunded to my account and my outgoing calls should be unbarred else my next step would be Cosumer court. Do you have any idea what all inconvenince i have been through and still going through because of all this. You guys have charged illegally me for around Rs. 500 and dont ever talk about the inconvenince that i have been through otherwise it would be more disgusting.

Besides (Mobile number: [protected]) this; I have two other connections on my name as well [protected] and [protected]. And you can see from my records; that i have been a heavy user. Want an early answer as still you are charging me illegally and have barred all my outgoing calls.

Contact Details:

Jyoti Sharma
E-mail address:

I called your toll free number 121 as well on June 30, 2009 around 7:30 and talked for about an hour with no resolution. I again confirmed that 121 is a toll free number and was informed yes; it is but you charged me Rs. 10 for that call. How more disgusting you guys can be? please stop stealing people's hard earned money. My balance prior to calling 121 was 198. xx which came down to Rs. 188.xx. I want also promised a call back which i never received (which i already knew). You have elevated my anger further more. Do you guys actually know the meaning of customer service. Thats why people stay away from private companies and believe Govt. companies. I have paid almost between Rs. 5000- Rs. 6000 per month on this connection since the time I have got it. But I have no intention of keeping this number any more. I want this resolved as soon as possible. And please UNBARRED MY OUTGOING CALLS. YOU GUYS SAY THAT YOU ARE CHARGING ME FOR OUTGOING CALLS. DON'T YOU KNOW HOW MUCH ANNOYING THIS COULD BE FOR A CUSTOMER WHEN YOU BARRED HIS/HER OUTGOING CALLS AND GIVING EXPLANATIONS LIKE THIS.


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