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Airtel / human resources

1 Sri Lanka Review updated:

Please forward this to all the officers concern

Hai airtel !!!

Truely from my heart

I’m a freelance writer and reporter from the central province in sri lanka. I too was looking forward to the launch of airtel in sri lanka and thought it would come with a & ldquo;bang” with all its promises.

But by now the outcome may be experienced by you. Here I do not comment about your turnover but the murmur of the sri lankan customers and the dissatisfaction of the employees.

As a part of my job, I happened to overhear some airtel staff lamenting. So I fell into a casual talk with them and came to know the following. I wish to bring this to your perusal for you to know the impact of your sri lankan workforce.

Many top people and others were bought from other networks in sri lanka. There is nothing wrong in it. But some of them were deceived of the offer promised at the interviews. The wrong does not lie on them because they were given their appointment letters much later after joining airtel. Who would imagine a world widely reputed company would lie. By the time they received their appointment letters they had already resigned from their previous work place. As a result there’s resentment, frustration and agitation among the staff. (Greener pastures?)

No salary increments or promotions indicated in the appointment letters. No future prospects mentioned.

Proper uniforms and basic facilities which are the landmark of indian airtel staff are not provided to the employees here working in the stores. But the brand shop is getting all the benefits (Step mother treatment?)

No uniformity in payments to the same category of people.

Proper training is not given and no information is passed on to the employees by the superiors. Rather they bother about filling their pockets.

Store to store, variable treatment to the employees is shown by the distributors and partial treatment within the store employees themselves also is severe which is an unpleasant environment to work in.

Irrelevant cadre is created for friends and family and they work as supervisors doing nothing and are paid, hidden to the head office. No reward for hard work superiors enjoy all benefits at the expense of the employees working under them.

Ladies at the stores are forced to wok extra hours unstipulated by the labour rules and regulations of sri lanka even after 6 p. M with no extra payments. Some superiors try to take advantage of the girls. Working atmosphere is not there for them. (India respects ladies like goddess?)

Much to the blemish of airtel very low salaries are paid to front and back office staff working in the stores who have come from other networks after a promise of grand reward. No commissions for front and back office staff who toiled and faced many hardships at the peak of launch up to now with the contribution to bring in a vast income to the company. Outof the whole airtel staff from top to bottom, only the front & back office ladies (Stores) are not paid commissions though they are also in the selling team. Commissions are not divided relevantly and no account is available in the office regarding this where some pioneer employees never enjoyed the stake of commission that came in so far.

Much to the surprise, some offices pay without employees’ signature and when investigated, signatures were forged by the top people with higher digits than what was paid and the details of salary is not given to the employees.
When a team visits from the head office, (Specially indians) information is passed on from centre to centre, and the higher authorities run off the centres and escape, unable to face them, and instant camouflage facilities are established. Some unbefitting people even hide in the toilets. (Sorry to reveal this)

The brand shops enjoy full fledged benefits and full attention is paid to the employees there so they tend to cover up for the people concerned.
They wish sudden visits of higher authorities to the stores. As a citizen of sri lanka I feel that enquiries about true situation should be requested from individuals from the grass root level human resources with no presence of the superiors, to eradicate the unrest among them who work for airtel.

Finally, not all the centres are what I have unveiled and ardently hope that this would not harm anyone,

Go forth airtel ! But take care of your sri lankan workforce.

I’m saman alahapperuma from dinapotha (

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  • Ja
      1st of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    airtel is 100% FAKE. the customer care tell lies all the time. they sent sms to customers and said ' reload 101 rs and get 101mb+100sms+special night time rates. i called c'care and confirmed about the package. they told me ok. i reloaded 2 times, but it was fake. they had gave me without notifing 5 for 50 sms. this is so stupid... what to do if dont need sms...

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