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[Resolved] cancellation of broadband

Unable to get the concerned officer connected at call center no. 121 for getting the cancellation of...

airtel live vas card

This is in reference to your newly launched scheme of offering free vas card worth rs 500 to all your customers which enables them to download free multimedia contents worth the same amount from your airtel live vas card zone up to 30th june 2008.

I too received a vas card no. 6136798 from your side as per your promotion. I logged in the airtel live vas zone on 05/06/08 using the card to download some contents on my mobile phone. I first tried downloading a ringtone but an error message appeared stating “services: page not found”. I then tried the other ringtone but the same message appeared again. Then I checked my vas card balance and found the price of the contents I tried to download was deducted from my balance without me receiving any content.

Finally I had to call up airtel technical support helpline, as I was not entertained by the normal customer care executive, I registered my complaint (No. [protected] dated 05/06/08) and was told to wait for 24hrs to get my problem solved and get my content on my mobile phone.

I didn’t received any satisfactory response till 09/06/08 from your side, and on the anticipation that all your services would now be working fine I tried downloading another content (Game) from your airtel live vas zone. But the things were the same and so was the error and even my card balance was reduced.

So I was forced to call again to technical support helpline but no results yet. They gave another complaint number ([protected] dated 09/06/08) and asked to wait for 48hrs. What I inferred from this whole incidence was that there are just web pages on your airtel live vas portal offering content description of content and no multimedia contents to download. This whole scheme of airtel for making new customers is just to making a fool of it’s present customers.

I am now completely frustrated with such a poor customer support service and the useless promotional scheme. I want you to take the above matter seriously and send a written reply on how my problem will be solved or else I might have to take some strict action.

Ankush jain,

  • As
    Ashish Sharad Kalmegh Jun 04, 2007

    Airtel has deducted Rs 15/- for VAS from my account and i even don't know what VAS is!

    So please tell me what is VAS download. Someone tell me what i should do for stopping this.

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  • Hi
    hiren Aug 05, 2008

    jaane kya ho gaya hai iss mausam ko!?
    dhoop hai zyada chandni kam hai,
    aa"ina dekh kar Khayal aaya,
    aaj kal un kii dosti kam hai.

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  • Dr
    Dr. Mukesh Kumar Gautam Aug 22, 2008

    This is reference to the GPRS airtel live service you are providing on the airtel connections, with which we access net. Iam facing problem in accessing the internet from past 3 months. I contacted several time to your customer care department available on line 12118. They always promised me that my services and all my complaints will be corrected within the stipulated time of 72 hours. Till date no corrective results appeared. I would like to emphasise the Last time i talked to your customer care executive. When the given time of 72 hours elaspsed, i contacted your concerned department and again remind them about the problem, i was shocked to get the amswer from them. Perosn who was sitting on the other side was admant that she has corrected the problem. despite my refusal she was surprisingly admant about this.

    After that i lodged her complaint on your some complaint no. and talked to your executive, again i was surprised to see the falling standards of the bharti airtel, company that revolutinised the telephone industry in india. She too was adamant and told that she has no idea about why it is not working there as it is properly working as their computer are showing. I was totally blank when she inpite of the fact i was very well in communication, she has ok sir thanks for calling...what is this...customer is lodging the complaint and on the other side somebody says ok sir your problem is rectified and thanks for contacting airtel. She told me to change the phone...surprised to hear.

    Now when your service is not working properly in the area kalkaji, particularly in Alaknanda and more specfically on my computer, i am forced to surrender the connection if my complaint will not be corrected within the 72 hours. this is the last time iam contacting the airtel about the problem.


    Dr. Mukesh

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  • Ni
    Nirbhay Prakash Aug 26, 2008

    I got Airtel Live Vas card with my july'08 bill after 15th of Aug'08.Card no is 7392094.Validity period mentioned on the card is till 30th june'08.

    How i will be able to use this (claimed to have Rs500/- free access to ringtones, wallpapers, jokers, videos, songs etc.)

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fake company using airtel name

Please do not be misled by telemarketing calls from and They are not...

centrex facility of indore is unavailable

I have already sent 2 complains to u about bad services & bad behaviour with customers.

I have started cyber cafe in mhow & I also do hardwareing. I have applied for centrex no. On trishakti tele comunication, mhow. But they r not giving us satisfied ans. And services. V face lots of difficulties regarde it. I have called to bhopal also but no response from there.
I need a centrax no. Immidiatly for mhow to indore.

My first complain no. Is :- 7601478

Plz give me statisfied services of airtel broadband

recharge not successful to consumer mobile no - [protected]

Respected Sir,
I have the honor to attend your kind attention.Sir i had recharge customer mobile no-[protected] by Top-up of Rs.60/- through E-recharge with Transaction Id no - [protected] at 5.09pm on 13-06-2008 & thereafter ER bal. was being deducted from my ER balance, but confirmatory message along with balance was not done to cust. mob. [protected].It was said to customer ater doing querry from toll free no. 121 that your mob. was not recharge yet by Rs. 60/- & please do visit ur retailer, thereafter cust had come to me & demanding his money back Rs.60/-.Then in reply i said tocust pl wait somewhile even taking confirmation my dealer helpline no.[protected].but till now the helpline no is not being accessed & responsed, after dialing this "YE NUMBER MANYA NAHI HAI" is being replied to.sir, Why this type of action along with wrong statement to cust is being suppllied without verifying & updating the TRANSACTION record as mentioned above.
Hence you are requested to look into the matter & pl try to stop this tyoe of activity as a wrong message was being suppllied to cust & thereafter to market which will not good in respect of our interest.
Thanking Yoy!
Your Wellwisher
Anisha Sristi cente
Sindri, Dhanbad

  • Gs
    G.S.Joshi Jul 22, 2011

    I recharged with amount 100 to my number 09910675805 from HDFC netbanking on 17 july 2011.Due to some problem in Airtel server this amount was not transferred to my number.i Got a message from Airtel side "Your Request to recharged 100 INR can not be processed at this time .Transaction number is DLR11071716341000359 at 4:26 PM on july 17 ".I complained to customer care but they are not taking any action against my complaint i complained to Airtel person (customer care ) Daljit sing.But till now i have not received my money back.
    I am very disappointed with Airtel service.Customer care assure me to resolve this problem with in 48 hours .But they have not respond till now.

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bill for disconnected number

Airtel; the name is a ready reckoner for all those who want to pay even if their number has been disconnected or at least thats what the managers or the retentions team would tell you. I was informed that my number [protected] has been put on disconnect on march 27th. April 2, 2008 i cleared all the bills. Come june and i get a bill for the same number and for two months may and june. This all happened despite being assured that I will not be facing the problem anymore. Even one of their representative Karan called me next day and offered to convert my postpaid number to prepaid which i declined.

They have a major problem in language, customer handling, grievance handling and comprehension. The people at higher levels are of comparable calibre. Their retentions team( Danish, Rita, Nisha etc...) are all same. Not to talk of their Customer Care agents and a all borin-no-use IVR.

Could someone help me please, I promise I shall not recommend AirTel to any one and if no one helps, I curse you to lifelong connected with Airtel.. ;-)

disconnection without any reason

I do not have any outstanding on my pco connection. The line is disconnected for non-payment. When I call customer care, I am told it is a error due to a mistake from their billing dept. This is not the first time this is happening. I register a complaint but without any action. This speaks of the poor quality of service provided by one of the subscribers claiming top rankings in the industry. As a customer am I supposed to compensate for their internal mistakes?

gprs not active

Since two month ago my gprs is activate but i call more then fifty complain but still problem. When i connect gprs there shown packet data not connected. Link not available and message sending failed.

  • Be
    Bens Jul 11, 2008

    I had airtel handset no-sam sgh-b100.can i connect the gprs?

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  • Na
    narendra tiwari Oct 17, 2008

    my airtel sim no. is 9630319566. it is a laapu sim, but it is no activete on gprs service on last three days. i am sending msg. MOA to 52818 & MO to 52567 and received setting. setting save in my heandset.

    Your costmmer care asscutive's (Mr.Hitesh, Deepesh, Prveen, chandraprakash, Ashish & Monika) are not sufficient reply by me & disconnnet the phone.

    so plese sortly active to GPRS servise on my phone.

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  • Si
    sibin May 19, 2009

    I am being charged everyday by airtel Rs. 10 via sms from 64611010 for while i am not using that service at all. i request to deactivate that service immediately from my mobile 9995422850.
    Hello, I am not using your Airtellive wap( service. But why you are charging every day Rs 10 from my Airtel mobile account. My phone number 9995422850. Who asked your service? So please not charge from my account. I hate your service. If you charge from my account, I will take action by consumer court. So cancel my subscription. I am not like your service.
    deactivate airtel live
    deactivate for textbased servise on airtel wap on phone nos 9995422850
    Country code(India): 91
    mobile no:9995422850
    cancel my subscription

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airtel gprs disconnects after every 3-4 minutes of connection

I've been using Airtel GPRS for almost an year. Things were working fine and I was happy with the...

change of landline handset

I have lodged a complaint with airtel requesting for replacing the landline handset but was disappointed to learn that airtel has an unfair policy of only providing old handsets in cases where handsets need a replacement.

It is a pity that while airtel on one hand wants to compete with existing service providers it is despite being in the sector for so long is yet to match what its competitors like mtnl offer to its consumers i. E. Replacing old handsets with new.

fraud fraud

I have got a call from a lady named Swati from no's : [protected], [protected] telling that she is calling from airtel and explained me one billilg scheme. I liked it and told to activate it. She told me that i will have to fill a form and pay Rs 599/- for one number. Then she send an executive to me named Aamir who got the form filled from me and took Rs 2400/- for four connections and told that it will get activated within four hours. Now neither the no's got activated nor those guys are picking the phone on the above no's. Aamir told me that his agency name is "V care Solutions" and there office is in Bandra. I have also presented the same matter in Thane ( Navpada ) Airtel Relationship Center but i didnt get any reply. I dont want my money from airtel but just want those Swati and Aamir to be caught and put behind bars so that they can not fraud anyone further in the name of "AIRTEL". This will help me as well as "AIRTEL". Please help me for the same.

  • Ka
    Kashif Hasan May 31, 2008

    I totally agree with you on this matter as I have also been through the same situation 10 days back. I also got a call from 9892363461 from a lady. She said I have been selected for a plan called Good Value Plan for which I will have to give 599/- as activation charges. Now there is no news of either the lady or the executive (named Austin). I dont know what to do!!!

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  • Ga
    GauravGarg May 27, 2011

    Got new number - 9971152027 last week after providing all ID proof and address proof documents..but the data entry people has enterd wrong detail in ths syte. now my number got barred due to address mismatch and i am facing very high business loss because my number is not working. kindly take immediate action and get my number activate on priority...for any other clarification can call on my alternate number 09372271168

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  • Hi
    Himanshu Dhiraj Mishra Oct 16, 2013

    Hello Sir,

    My Name Himanshu Dhiraj Mishra belong from Delhi, I received too many calls from airtel for portability, Define me some plans and charged me R.S. 250 and take necessary documents ( 2 photpgraphs, Pan Card Photocopy, Rent agreement ) on 09/10/2013 and told me your connection should be activate within a week but they are not call back for port code even they cut my phone when I called them, Kindly help me regarding to this fraud.

    My mobile no : 08802639881
    Airtel fraud dealer no. : 01203390182

    Please help !

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complaint for cancilation of chating serice by service provider

preaid SIM card by AIR TEL tele service used in my mobile. without my request & intimation chatting service is included in the sim card service. This fecility ( Chatting) is not required for me. Inspite off several instructions to customer care and local service center no action has been taken. As this sim is for life time incoming free scheme i am not destroying the SIM and go for new SIM. Even if this complaint also problem is not getting solved I have no option but to go for other service provider.

Please do the needful.

Sarat Kumar Das

  • Jo
    johar Mar 14, 2009

    my airtel mbl number 9829314074..i m using this card in kuwait international roaming...from past 10 days my sim card is no working please suggest how can i activate my sim card

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  • Bh
    bhavesh rinait Feb 16, 2010

    i am not receiving mobile office setting for using internet on my mobile . i complaining lot of time to costumer exicative but didn't take action on it.
    my airtel sim no. is 9730008443 & my mobile handset is MAXX'S
    model is MX455. plz take action on it .

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  • Ni
    Niranjan soni Aug 30, 2011

    Dear sir,
    i purchase an airtel sim card and submit the required documents yet sim is not activated.
    please activate my sim card(no 8018712707)

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  • Gh
    ghan Nov 10, 2011

    Dear Airtel Service Team,

    Hi, I am Ghansham Kumar from pune having prepaid connection no 9503901185.I lost my mobile, i want to request the Airtel team to please BLOCK the Sim card.

    Thanks & Regards,
    ghansham Kumar

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  • Bh
    bharatsoni May 06, 2012

    my sim card have been lost plse block my sim card no.80003021725 & my contact no.8290213347

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  • Um
    UMARMOHAMED Dec 08, 2013

    Hello Sir,

    My Name is Mohamed Umar. My Mobile Number is 9994715154. i lost my sim card 6 months before and i tried to get this back again but i couldn't. Please Provide new sim card with same number that i will pay the money for it.

    my mail id:[email protected]

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  • La
    LAWAL Feb 02, 2014

    my sim is not working bt am recieving calls

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delay in sim activation

i applied for airtelpostpaid (199)scheme they also collect money worth 600 from me and i got my new sim in...

please stop recorded calls

I am an airtel customer for last 4 years.
I am totally fed up with the promotional recorded calls i am getting through out the day.
Since morning i got 23 calls from airtel and its only 3 pm now.

Why is a big company like airtel doesnot even care about the privacy of its faithful customers?

Is there any way i can stop this.
If this is going on i will move to some other providers.

Worst customer care services

I'm living in mumbai. Actually I'm a prepaid customer, my scheme in airtel is Rs 1/min for STD . After my validity is over I reacharged with the same scheme but its was taking Rs 2.40/min
This is what I would like to enquire about and I called Customer care Service. First time I was asked about my problem and they cut the phone. I thought some service problem. Then again I tried . Again they asked about the problem, before I'm repeating the problem they cut the call. After that I releiased that this was not by mistake. they are doing it purposely. Then I again called and they were using abuse words to scold and kept the phone. I dont understand in what way Airtel customer care cares for every customer.
There may be so much frustractions in all jobs that we are working for not only to Customer care.
But this is not the way to use abuse word to treat the customers .
Hope the airtel service will look into it and take the action accordingly
Please dont play with your customers like this


  • Sr
    Sreeni Sep 15, 2007

    Airtel Service was activated with MO which does not work. The situation is the same with so called V-MAIL which is suppose to work but never did.

    The Customer care people are clueless and always say that the application for trouble ticket is down so please share all the information AGAIN. FINE if you do this the answer is we will get back to you in 24 hrs.

    Basically, They have not clue. I suggest using some other service provider!

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  • Se
    Seema Apr 28, 2008

    i am using Airtel-prepaid life time and facing lots of issues. I hardly get a range. at peak places i need to call up from PCO. in trains i cannot talk. service is cheap but cannot use it since no range available. people cant call me.its waste.


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  • Sa
    Sachin May 16, 2008

    I had raised the complaint about plan change from MH-100 celebration to Honeywell CUG-199.
    I had taken up this issue with Hadapsar Customer support service center also from last 2&1/2 months.
    From there side no action is taken place as well as very worst customer support i had got it.

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  • Ni
    Nikku Nov 04, 2008

    I am also facing Airtel range issues inside Honeywell campus, Simbiosys Building, Bannergatta Road, Bangalore. Now the Airtel service in Bangalore is very poor. Wile my journey from Bannergatta to Mathikere (22km) if I am taking continuosly the call will get disconnected atleast 10 times. I was very impressed with their older service, I never faced any network issues. Bout now the issues are horibble... My mobile number is 9845007313.

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faulty sim card

I hold an Airtel corporate connection from a giant US based company.Just over two months ago I got a new SIM card with the existing connection from the jayanagar Airtel office, Bangalore. It took me several calls and days of followup to activate the SIM despite the 30 min TAT that was given for the activation. That got resolved but a couple of months later the SIM just stopped functioning! It would not even read! I went back to the Jayanagar office and got another card issued. When I requested for the SIM card data to be copied, I was dryly told it was not possible. I made several vain requests to retrieve the data that is so valuable to me. My request to use their phone to call the hespdesk was also blunty refused! When I called teh helpdesk from somebody else's phone, my request was turned down even without probing into details and I was put on an infinite hold when I insisted they find a solution. What more, my new SIM is still not activated even 3 hours after I was told it would be!

I am truly disappointed that I had a complete SIM memory washout due to the faulty SIM provided by Airtel that did not even last 3 months! On top of it the 'support' people were so blunt to my requests. I felt humiliated at their office despite being a corporate customer. I am writing this here because I have sent some other grievances earlier to airtel folks through email and have failed to get any response from it.

Is the customer REALLY empowered in India and do we REALLY have a choice???

dissconnection and network

dissconnection of calls and cheating by the airtel executive.
hallo sir,
this is kamlesh singh from bhandup and my no. is +91 [protected]. i am complaining about two things which are
1> from last 20 to 25 days, i get so much error in connections such as call failure while talking ( when i am at my home bhandup, college kopar khairane, friends home mulund. even when caller or receiver both are not moving.) . whenever i call to any my friends ( especially airtel user ) call ends up with two or three beep. again and again it happens upto 7 to 8 times after that call connects and ring goes. now a days it is regularly happening with me. so i tried to contact to customer care so they adviced me that this is sim problem so u take out your sim and wash it with spirit, i did like that but nothing happend. even i changed my mobile set .than also same problem .
last week when i told this problem to my friends ( who is also airtel user no is +[protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]., [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], and much more ) . i come to know that they are also facing same problem and even most of them are planning to switch to other mobile service provider. in my family most of us are airtel user and when i talked to my dad and brother and to relatives about this problem i socked that they are getting similar problem from last 2 to 3 months. so my dad also planning to take other mobile service which is going to be a problem for me .because my father is a government servent and i am using his gornment card provided in airtel plan to him. and most of my friends are airtel user .so what do i do .
2> my girlfriend live in lok nisarg c.h.s., vaishali nagar, b.r. road. mulund west and there, network is ok but call ends in between and call connects after 5-6 try. u cant talk sitting inside your flat or house. u have to talk only standing on window side only.she always used to stand up on windowside and talks for one or two hours, , even u can check this.. through my calldata. so please increase network or place a tower on lok nisarg building which can cover that whole area. of (lok nisarg, ghati pada, maple height bldg, hill view bldg. . upto ayyappa mandir of thane hill side.) so please do for the above basic problem . thank you . please report me about your further step taken, , regarding above complain. by mail as well as by sms or call.
thanks a lot i think uyou may understand my problem...well...

Hopeless sim reactivation

Customer:Sudheendra GD, 448, 11th cross, Sadasivanagar, Bangalore-80, India.
Complaint:Sim reactivation still not yet done after purchase of Duplicate sim on 03/05/08 since PUK was blocked.Visited the Air tel office at Seshadripuram thrice.People are not trained, not taught the way to deal with customers.They keep on telling about hardware/Network problem.They try to get rid off the customer by telling it will be fixed in an hour.Keep bluffing due to lack of knowledge.They make us visit them at our fuel cost, loss of precious time at our work, loss of money in all aspects.
Ph No:[protected].
Still out going calls not working.
Person who attended is Prasad, Paramount Corporate Network, No, 33, Nehru circla, Kumarapark, Bangalore

  • Sr
    Srikanth Shankar Matrubai Mar 20, 2017

    Airtel's service is pathetic.
    My mobile got lost and hence deactivated both my sims (Airtel and BSNL).
    Next day, I applied for duplicate sim and requested for reactivation.
    Surprisingly BSNL reactivated within 4 hours and India's Largest Telecom service provider Airtel has not yet activated even after 10 full hours.
    When I contact the call centre, they cooly say it will take 48 hours!!!

    Oh really...shows the amazing speed of Airtel.
    I am moving OUT of Airtel!!

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modem and connction charges

I had applied for the airtel broadband connection with havig my own modem and hence the charges were to be reduced from Rs 850 to 350. I had paid rs 350 at the time of connection.
When the engenier came for the internet connection I was not at my place. The engenieer without asking my younger brother installed the connection with new modem.
When i came back i removed the modem but the company had charged for it in the Bill. Even after complaining the customer care executives are not ready to accept the fault on the part of the engenieer or the concerned person.
They are treating the matter as a fault on my part without even asking the engenieer to at least give the clarrification...
This has really created a bad impression of the company...its like one cant trust the company.
This also shows that what ever is being told befor the connection is installed the company does not cares about it and does what ever it likes...To all the airtel broasband users BEWARE the company is now on the way to cheat its customers...and not keeping the words what is being said to the customers...

  • An
    aniha May 29, 2008

    They charge a lot of money.I thought tht airtel would work for me and ofcourse it's working but i applied the connection of RS-------550 andu know i have to pay 900 rs for tht usage.Thts terrible...

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problem in incoming calls

I am getting problem to receive incoming calls in my mobile [protected] subscribed to Airtel. 90% caller received information that the mobile is switch off . When somebody tried to contact me normaly I got a messege from "missed you" that -you have missed call to know miss call know about your miss call . cost.../. I registered complaint on 25th April with airtel customer care and I was told that it will be resovled within 30th April . A reference no was given to me by "airtel" and th no was CICPL30424186236 . After that till date I have enquired 3 times and each time I was told to bear with them and the problem will be solved shortly. I shall be glad to know how to solve the problem ? If they are at all unable to solve the problem I feel they should let me know honestly so that I have to go for another alternative or for my future course of action.

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