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I booked a room for one night in Boston on Newbury Street. The title said self check in at any time. The ad had said check in at 3. When I submitted my booking a list of different time options appeared starting in the morning to afternoon because the owner allows additional check-ins, and would have to first confirm it. So I checked a time for the morning. An automatic message got a message from Airbnb had said that said the owner will have to approve before it is confirmed. a couple minutes later I got an email stating that it was confirmed. I show up to the walk up townhouse and call the owner. He says that it's not available. I tell him about the message on Airbnb and confirmed email. He says that it was an automated confirmation and he cannot honor it's because there's a guest in there until noon. I called Airbnb and I was on the phone with them for an hour at first they were trying to find an additional Hotel they said that they would pay for it. Then they came back and said I would have to pay for it and they would reimburse me. However I didn't have that kind of money so I was pushing for them she find something else. Well the short of it is they didn't reimburse me for the room in Boston. Nor did they put me in a hotel. They literally left me stranded. I've contacted them a handful of times within two hours. Their response was that the owner listed the check in at 3 p.m. and even though the title says you can check in at any time is meant to say after 3 p.m. I told him about how it gave me different options to choose my check in in that I would receive a confirmation email if you proved it which I did. They said to send me that confirmation and I did. However I never got the refund. Then I got an email from the guy who originally said he would refund me and he said he that he made a mistake. he meant to send that email to somebody else. Airbnb said that they have to honor the man's request that I don't get a reimbursement. I have sent emails and I've called the hotline and the case supervisor will not contact me back. It's been 2 weeks now


Oct 25, 2017

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