AirAsiayour staff wrong booking ticket

Name sy siti aisyah,
Booking number rln6fd.
Pukul lebih kurang 11am, I pegi ke kl sentral for booking ticket, from penang to medan, I try book online but ur system ada masalah.
When I booked ticket I already mentioned I want flight from penang to medan pukul 8.30, time I check still price rm109, but the staff said dh naik harga, kalau nak pagi pukul 6.35, then I call my husband to confirm in front of him, I said got ticket morning 6.25, my husband said ok take..
Then I ask once again to the staff why u have flight morning from penang to medan, but I check no in system, he answer me in hes system have it.
Then I ask please book for me, I need urget back my father passed away, he ask my passport n I give my one and my husband..
When he done he ask me to sign pym, and he read penang - kno medan, then I sign without read, coz he read for me.
When I check the ticket he key in wrong name, and I ask him to change, he do, he request one of the girl to change, im not sure what they do, that I know the cal to change my name.
After change he give the ticket, I take the ticket without check it (Because he read before).
Then we take bus from kl to penang, and arrived here 1am, we want to check in, but really shocked because the staff not booking, penang to medan, but penang to kl.
I'm really sad and mad what ur staff do.
1. How sad I am, because I can't see for last my father
2. How far I go just take the ticket (No ticket kl-medan)
3. Who the bear my ticket
4. I already remains ur staff don't do wrong coz this urgent. I need fly asap

Please help me I need go back to see my father
This my booking number rln6fd.
Is not easy I came from kl take bus to penang, untill here my ticket wrong.

Apr 29, 2017

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