At Cochin airport, India I, Joshua Trivass Roux checked in my red Osprey rucksack for flight AK 38 at 22:30 on 6/3/18 to Kuala Lumpur then after a delay we boarded D7 798 on 7/3/18 to Denpassar. Our bags were handled by Air Asia after this first check in. We received our bags in Denpassar on the wrong carosel to find that the wallet in my rucksack had been emptied of cash and returned to the rucksack. 1.2 million Indonesian Rupees had gone with 60 American Dollars, 5 GBP, and 1, 300 Thai Bhat. We were very angry and upset to find this had happened. We reported the theft to Air Asia security and we had a property irregularity report filed, ID no. CBTDPS18A00206FT, reported on 7/3/18 by Valentino. We would like to see our money returned to us but we are also concerned as we are on a long trip away and planned to fly with Air Asia frequently. As this trespass was committed by a member of staff we feel uneasy trusting the airline again. This was our first time flying with Air Asia and we are dissappointed and hope something can be done. We would like to be compensated for our loss, it may not seem a lot but it is a lot of money us.

Thank you for your understanding. I hope to hear from you soon. Regards,

Joshua Roux

Mar 08, 2018

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