I'm miss Wong my flight No Ak 1791 from kota kinabalu to Singapore supposed fly on 26th Nov 2018 . Yesterday from 2pm delay till canceled .No 1. I'm unsatisfactory your staff at last minute inform us about the cancelation of flight and don't have report any information about flight canceled . No2. your staff instruct me go to immigration counter there for vote the ticket first than get your luggage. than i go immigration there they said i hv to get the cancelation letter "HOW I KNOW WHERE TO GET THE LETTER!!? ??" your staff are nt communication properly to ut staff and wasted my time. No3. i replaced the flight on 27th Nov 2018 in morning 8.30a.m i had double confirm to your staff, "asked is it my flight at 8.30am. still got seat for me? " your staff are pretty confirmed for me and said yes there are still available for 9 seat at there . than the next day i ask for print the new boarding pass thn they gave me flight depart at 10a.m, i asked why 10a.m I'm 8.30a.m flight your staff just said there are already full no more seat for me. PLEASE train your staff how to communication properly with colleagues . and the last one things AirAsia airline got prepare meals for me, thn I just want the milo thn your staff said can't only the soft drinks would be can't milo. I'm so disappointed i just ask for a cup of milo also can't! !?????? I'm not accept your apologize of AirAsia airline. AIRASIA 'S STAFF CAN'T HANDLE AT ALL THE SITUATION OF EMERGENCY .

Nov 26, 2018

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