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Airasia Schedule / let everyone book and pay for their tickets before informing their flight to be cancel and force passengers to pay more for other option.

1 Malaysia

On the 1st week of sept, knowing that airasia (Them) would be discontinuing macau-kuching v. V for good effective end of oct, they still advertised their promotion over the media offering attractive prices travelling on this route.

Obviously, everybody flocked into their website buying tickets for the next 6 months or so. 2 weeks later, I was aware that they began to re-shuffle this route from daily to 3 times a week. A week after that, they decided to discontinue operating this route effective 25th oct.

I started making calls to their hotline, as I was holding more than 10 trips on this route (Tickets purchased without promotion price). To my dissapointment, I was put on hold for more than 30 mins each time. A total of 10 calls were made for the next 3 days. On 17th sep, 11am, since I was on my way to hong kong in klia, I approached their counter personally.

Nobody was manning their counter, as I stood there for more than 40 mins. The information counter reassured me that airasia counter was open, so I had no choice but to wait. Then katrina showed up followed by another girl. How could 2 person from that very same counter dissapear at the same time for more than 40 mins?

When I told katrina about my flight bookings, she said everything is still confirmed. I insisted that she double check, when she then made a call. She then reply " call our call centre, I cannot help you". I was given 2 numbers, one which is the same number, again on 'hold' and the other was a "wrong department!"quoted by the person answering the phone.

I don't have time to be kept waiting over the line ($ being spent) but katrina was not helpful and kept on telling me to call their call centre. She was impolite and was willing to give me her name so that I could write a feedback regarding her attitude back to her company.

Airasia had always being not one of my favourite no frills airline. They always re-time (Shuffling few flights to one if the loading is light) their flights not regarding if you have a connecting flight (In the same airline) , they will not be responsible and the word 'delay' is common. What pushes me to travel with them on this particular route is only the convenience which saves me time for a transit stop. With the attitude of their staff and the way they handle their operational disruption, my strong advice to fellow travellers is to avoid this airline by all means. Their price are not that cheap compared to other full service airline, sometimes they are more expensive due to hidden cost (Which cannot be refund if situation like this occurs). Most probably, they would re-route me at the end, giving me no choice but to transit in kl, because they operate mfm-kul v. V. 4 times a day (Daily) with exceptional light load.

They may be one of the most successful no frills in south east asia, that is because their passengers (Mostly malaysian) were not given much option to choose the airlines to fly. Besides, once tickets purchased, no after sales service even though if flights were disrupted. Probably, airasia tried to make passengers fed up from trying so hard to contact them thus giving up our paid trips. All my purchases were done using an user id, which I cannot see the reason why they cannot let me know that my flight had been cancelled. Until today, they did not issue a notice saying that they discontinue this route which I bet a lot of passengers would be furious during checking in on departure day.

This is my only channel to voice out and share this awful experience because negative feedbacks or comments were not welcome in malaysian papers, so as writing to them.


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