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Airasia / terrible service

1 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Review updated:

Yesterday was one of my worse nightmare flight!

I was supposed to meet my fiancee at malaysia.
So I took airasia flight (2 flights transit)

The 1st flight is supposed to depart at 12.20pm and reach at 3.30pm
(From jakarta to kuala lumpur)

The 2nd flight is supposed to depart at 6.30pm and reach at 8.30pm
(From kuala lumpur to sibu)
(I'm supposed to meet my fiancee and her family here and we can then fly to sibu together)

So anyways, I have one luggage which I check in and 2 other luggage which I carry.
The 1st flight was delayed for 2.30 hrs! Making the flight leaving at 2.50pm and we reach kuala lumpur by 5.50pm and according to the travel documents I printed, the counter closed 45 minutes before the flight took off!

That's like what? 40 minutes before I can check in?
There's definitely not enough time!
By the time I got my luggage and ready to check in everything, it's already 6.30pm!
So I complained to the airasia manager and say that it's their fault that the 1st flight was delayed and that 'normally', they would at least put you on the next flight or something.

But you know what their reply was?
They say 'we have advice you that if you are transitting, you should arrive 3 or more hours before the next flight! If the flight is delayed less then 3 hours, we are not responsible and will not do anything as it is our policy that states so!'

You tell me! How can you not be angry!
(I wasn't the only one effected by the way, there was like a whole riot there)

But coincidentally, my fiancee (Who is already on-board) told me that her flight is also delayed! The flight hasn't took off yet! So I told them, look! Why not just shove me in as well? Like, the flight hasn't taken off yet! Then they said ok, they can do that but then I have 1 package to be checked in and they say that I would have to leave my package here if I want to take this flight!

So I argued again with them! (I mean heck, what's so difficult by just putting in an extra slot there when they plane is already delayed to begin with?) so after like 30 mins of heated argument, a government official (Who happened to take the same flight) helped me with everything and they said ok! (My fiancee's family knows him so they asked for his help, very nice guy)

But they still wouldn't let me check in the baggage.
So finally when the pilot says that he doesn't want to wait, they have no choice but to rush me into the plane. As for my baggage, well they just slot it into the cargo! The flight then leaves by 7.30pm and reach the destination around 9.30pm... And I didn't receive my checked-in baggage at all!

They bloody lost it!
So I reported to the airasia in sibu and they told me that they cant trace it because there is no record of me ever checking in anything!
Why? Because it was an unofficial check in and that there was no record of them ever putting the package in!
So I told them that I purchased insurance from airasia along with it and if I can claim it?

They say that I would have to call the insurance company myself as it is from 3rd party.
Heck it is under them! What 3rd party ###! You call! But again, heated argument which ends with no one winning! Sigh!
All of these could've been avoided if the manager in charge would've just allowed me to check in the package and let me in!
That way;
1st - it would save a lot of time
2nd - I would've still receive my package

Or, at least just put me on the next flight!
But they never did that! All they do is argue and they don't even want to take responsibility at all!
Lastly I would like to say that,
I think the reason why people don't complain is because it's cheap!
But seriously, I don't think it's right the way they treat people!
I haven't really read the terms and condition yet but i've gotta see this message about 'if your flight is delayed less then 3 hours, they will not be responsible' (It's like they deliberately make this rule just so that they don't have to be responsible for anything and people still buy them because compared to other airlines, it's cheap)
... Also even if that's the case, I deliberately choose the initial flight to arrive 3 hours earlier so that I will have enough time! Next time, they might as well say that they can't do anything because the plane is delayed by hours!

This is the worse service that I have ever encountered.
In fact if possible, I wish that either airasia changed the way they manage or people should start suing them for cheating their money!

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  • Bk
      20th of Jan, 2015
    0 Votes

    Regarding fakeairlinesin pune airport, kindly check the verneble points for air asia inpune airport.
    1)Display board is not mentioned at any pointin pune airport. Kindly check the no of seat against issued the ticket by compitent authority of air asia. K7ndly check with ciss authority(registered) regarding behaviour at the time of air asia flight. Check the closing time of boarding pass on daily basis which gets closed 45mins before the flight departure.
    The credibility of air asiaat pune airport is nt fair.
    Kindly consider our on dated. 20 jan 2015. The fight departuretime 7.40and We reached at 7 pm the counter was closed and authorityof air asia refused to listen our request. And behaved badly with lady passenger. Kindly requested to consider the complain and refund our total charges.
    Take action against airasia. Waiting for the p
    rply otherwise i will claim complain in court against airasian and puneairport authority.

    Bk Singh
    Booking id-NF2201640982989
    Flight no- I51425 tue 20jan 2015:7.40pm
    Pune to bangalore
    Amount - Rs.15207

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