AirAsia / harassment by ground crew

Bangalore, India
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I was boarding the AirAsia flight no I5 1983 from Guwahati to Bangalore at 10.45am on 1st May 2017. After security check in as I was about to take the Airport Bus in the runway to catch the flight, one lady ground crew member in red dress came to check the weight of the hand baggage. She found it to be 10kgs and told that this will have to be put as Check-in baggage. She took my boarding pass and told me that I need to pay Rs.3000. I politely told her put it as check in baggage and I don't have to pay anything for that as it is less than 15kgs. She told even if it is put as checkin baggage I need to pay Rs.3000. She took my boarding pass and left the place, I was made to stand there while all the other passengers were taking the bus. After sometime another person came who looks like a loading guy as he was wearing the highlighter jacket and started shouting and misbehaving that I should know the rules of Airlines and asked for my ticket. I told him that I travel by other airline and a few kgs here and there is acceptable as hand baggage, some people even travel without any hand baggage at all so it evens out. He also insisted that I need to pay the amount as it is a security threat and I will not be allowed to board the flight. After that the person who issued the boarding pass came and I showed him these were my had baggage that I had, he suggested if I have any friend flying the same flight then the combined hand baggage allowed would be 14kgs. I got a friend who was without any hand baggage and we both got into the bus. The lady wearing the red dress came running and shouted at the other executive as to why I was allowed to board the bus. This was highly insulting and derogatory incident and I never had such experience before with any airline. Instead of trying to be customer friendly and helping out a passenger the lady executive tried to extort money.

I want to know:-
1. Are the ground crew members trained to handle customers in professional way
2. Why only my hand bag was weighed while other passengers with bigger hand baggage allowed to go without check
3. Why should somebody pay money when check in baggage is 10 kgs
4. How can it be a security threat if the hand baggage exceeds by a few kgs
5. Why did she take my boarding pass and went away from the spot and other people responsible for loading were allowed to deal with passengers
6. Is it a ploy to extort money by harassing people in-front of others.

I need an explanation and proper apology for the mental harassment meted to me and adequate compensation for the damage.

May 2, 2017

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