AirAsia / fraud!

1st incident: On 10th of november 2017, me along with my 2 friends were traveling from guwahati to bangalore. While taking the boarding pass i requested the lady staff to provide us seats together since one of our friend was travelling for the first time. She said that there are no seats available for 3 of us to sit together. And we need to pay rs 550 for each if we want our seats together. I paid for getting the seats together. What surprised me is that, while flying i could see there were number of empty seats that too 3 seats together in the flight from guwahti to bangalore. (What a brilliant way to earn)
2nd incident: on 16th November 2017 i called my uncle who works in travel agency to book tickets for 3 of us for 18th november 2017. Before he sent me the tickets on my phone, i got a call from AirAsia that there is no meals added on my booking and whether i would like to add the same. I was asked to pay the amount during my boarding time. I agreed. But later when my uncle sent me the tickets there were meals already added. I tried to call the customer care and talk about it but couldn't connect. On 18th before collecting our boarding pass we were asked to pay the amount even after showing the staff that meals were already added to my bookings. The staff refused to give us our boarding pass if we dont pay the amount. So finally i paid.
Thank you AirAsia. You have proved money is above all. Promising not to Fly again with AirAsia nor will I allow any of my people to travel with such business minded airline. Good luck.


Nov 18, 2017

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