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Hello was struggling to make a payment booking a flight on my credit card, so I tried another card as you do. This seemed to save all the details I had imputed except the date of flight. I was booking for 30th of may from kuala lumpa to yangon! However when we received our conformation it stated that we were flying on the 30th of april, we immediately phoned the office in vietnam as that is where we currenly are.
This is where my aggrivance occurs, it stipulates on your website that you have 48 hours to amend flights. Which we did have at the point of phoning. However the customer service mans arrogant attitude that it was simply unlucky was infuriating. I expect a company such as yourselves to train your staff so that have a basic etiqutte in how to speak with someone. Furthermore he said that we cannot amend the mistake because it wasnt 48 hours proir however that was simply not the case. His responce then was to go to the airport or phone malaysia head quaterd. I did ask to speak to his manager who conveniently wasnt there.
I am really aggrived about the lack of help and feel that not only should he be reprimanded and given further courses to learn how to speak to people, that we should get a full refund as we have had to book another flight on the correct day. Also with your company.

Apr 28, 2017

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