AirAsiacustomer service

1. a link to the government of China website with the description of transit regulations in Shanghai. "200 minutes" rule is not published for public

2. January 1st 2017 I took a flight from Lombok to Russia with connections in KL and Shanghai (2 hours connection). There was a precedent.

3. May 7th 2017 I am allowed to take a flight from Lombok to KL without any "200 minutes for transit" rule information from Air Asia customer service representative.

4. May 7th 2017, at 6 pm I approach the gate with my boarding pass and am informed in a rude tone that I am not allowed to take a flight. I request the name of the person talking to me and official document approving the statement. I get mentally and verbally abused. No name given no document shown during 1 hour. No attempts made to minimize my risks or finding a solution.

5. Making an attempt to file a complaint through Air Asia web site, impossible to submit, error message pops up every time.

May 07, 2017

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