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Since 21st february when i had to cancel flights with my staff because
My dad passed away i tried to get a reasonable answer from traveloka
And air asia.

More then 2 months!!!

Please call me today so i can close this case? +62 [protected].
Thank you.
Marjan van ravenzwaaij

Darling, this is the latest mail i have sent desperately to traveloka.
As i called air asia as well but i couldn't get trough, welcome blabla
1 for english, blabla...and connection gone again ! i left a live-chat
Message with my email and hp nr. because had to wait minimum 45
Minutes for reply. useless to say i didn't receive a phone call or

I think i am going to start a new business. courses of what is
Customer care in indonesia :)
What do you think? a big business opportunity :)

It would be great if you connection could help me further?

Love, love,

---------- forwarded message ----------
From: marjanbali
Date: fri, 7 apr 2017 10:03:28 +0800
Subject: fwd: case no: cas-[protected]-jlmp0d crm:0827672
To: traveloka support

---------- forwarded message ----------
From: "marjanbali"
Date: 7 apr 2017 09:57
Subject: fwd: case no: cas-[protected]-jlmp0d crm:0827672

Selamat pagi ferry,

This is the reply from air asia after 45 days!!! the validation 90 days
After cancellation :)

Again they ask me to send id death certificat etc etc they and traveloka
Received already many times.

And as far as i understand i will be the only one refunded. although i
Already many times explained that this was a work related outing. all staff
Couldn't and didn't want to go without me to jakarta as they had never been

I don't have twitter for a quick reply.
I am not going to supply them again with all info they and you already

Please please i booked trough traveloka so do your job!

Thank you!

Marjan van ravenzwaaij

---------- forwarded message ----------
From: "auto generated response"
Date: 7 apr 2017 02:44
Subject: case no: cas-[protected]-jlmp0d crm:0827672
To: "marjan karin van van ravenzwaaij"

Dear ms. marjan karin van van ravenzwaaij,

Thank you for your feedback to airasia customer care.

First of all, we would like to express our profound sympathy of our guest
Loss family.

In this case, to show our goodwill, we only can provide airasia credit
Account known as credit shell, in order to return back the money you paid
For the ticket as a voucher for the deceased family (credit shell with
Cancellation fee) on the booking number: umzz6n.

Cancellation fee is applicable per person per sector. please visit
Http:// to check our
Fees information.

For your information, credit shell is a credit account as amount of the
Money on airasia membership account where you can use to buy another
Airasia’s ticket, and the maximum validity of the usage is 90 days (booking
Period), counted since the credit shell is created. you may choose any
Airasia's destinations at date(s) you desire, as long as the flight
Schedules and the seats are available on our website.

If the new booking is in higher fare class than credit shell, the
Differences must be paid by credit card. but if the new booking is in lower
Fare class than credit shell, you can keep the balance.
Kindly note that credit shell is only for online payment and it requires a
Member id.

We therefore would like to suggest you to resend your e-form provide us :

1. guest member id

2. the deceased's death certificate copy

3. family relation certificate copy for our supporting documents to
Prove the family relation between the all the guest and the deceased.

If guest does not have a member id, guest may register your email address
For free on our website at this following link,

Please resend your e-form and *select category customer request* and provide
Us with member id since credit shell can only be credited to guest’s member

We hope our information brings you a better view on this matter.

Should you need a fast response to your enquiries in the future, please
Follow our twitter account *askairasia *(
Or visit our live chat portal at

Thank you for your kind attention and we look forward to see you again on
Airasia flights.

Warm regards,

Donna s
Customer care


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      Nov 14, 2019

    In The Philippines, at least, AirAsia seems to have a scam going where they charge as much or more than the ticket itself for a piece of checked luggage.

    There are two ways to get reasonable rates: Declare when you get the ticket, or show up FOUR HOURS early.

    At least one vendor who I sometimes use (Traveloka) sells AirAsia tickets, but the selection for baggage is greyed're on your way into the trap. Whether Traveloka and AirAsia collude on this I do not know, but Traveloka certainly does nothing to warn the victim of the danger.

    Having been burnt once, I did use Traveloka again (only because they are customers of, ) I intended to get a hold of AirAsia and declare a checked bag for my confirmation number before the 4 hour trap snapped shut. When I called, the number taken from the front page of their web site was not in service.

    When I checked my bag (for another 2400 peso fee) the agent admitted that the phone number on their web site is bogus. He didn't admit that it was deliberate, but it's kind of not rocket science to fix a 'problem' on a web site. Logic indicates that the bogus support number is not a bug but rather a feature.

    All tolled, I'm out something like 4500 peso to this scam. That's like ninety 50 peso tips to people on the street and 90 potential extra servings of meat to families of working people. Instead it is going to corrupt slimeballs who rake in millions already by hatching shady plans and giving them the OK from their glass enclosed corporate board-rooms.

    In my opinion, if someone gets fooled by deceptive practices by shady operators like AirAsia, that's kind of in part the victim's fault to a degree. It's fraud and it sucks, but that's life. If, on the other hand, active measures are taken to entrap victims such as presenting bogus 'support' numbers, it moves into the robbery/racketeering level.

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