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Skybus ticket is booked together with online air ticket purchase. Lack of details about skybus upon booking.
Pickup point at LCCT is not clearly shown, and different from the actual signage and map in the website.
1 hour after check out, still no sign of bus. No working personnel at the station to assist.
Bus bays does not say operator name / destination. Utter disappointment.

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      19th of Aug, 2011

    Agree. Many Airasia's customers had paid the bus fare in advance so they have to wait for Skybus eventho bus came late resulting long queue. By the time the bus arrived, some customers still unable to get seat and have to wait for few hours more for another bus. Last time I waited for more than an hour but nobody knows when the bus will arrive, even bus conductor who used walkie-talkie to communicate with Skybus drivers. When bus arrived, Skybus refused to let me in due to all seated had been occupied. I almost missed flight due to that inefficiency. My heart still badly ached when I recall the incident. Luckily, there was a better bus service called Eurobus. I took the bus straightaway after Skybus chased me out of their bus and the bus departed to LCCT 5 minutes later. At lcct, I saw a few Skybus were parked opposite Tune Hotel and I wonder what happened to those busses. Was it broke down or the drivers prefer to hang out somewhere there? After the incident I never book Skybus online eventho price will go down very cheap because I'm afraid the service will be crappier too.

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