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Airasia / rude flight attendant

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it wasnt my first time flying wif AirAsia, but this was the worst service i've ever encountered! i was boarding AK 5123 from KK to KL, departing at 4:35pm (30 april 2009). so i was queueing up inside the terminal and i was trying to make a call on my mobile. my colleague was queueing infront of me, and she has got her boarding pass torn. when it was my turn, i was standing there for about 2 seconds waiting for the flight attendant to tear my ticket.. he didnt tear my ticket, and i was thinking how weird it is, he probably won't even bother to tear everyone's ticket, so i just walked off to catch up with my colleague.

and after i've taken abt 2-3 steps, to my horror, this male flight attendant GRABBED my arm and pulled me back.

in fact he was trying to ask me to switch off my mobile. fine, u won't have to GRAB my arm to tell me! can't he just tap on my shoulder and say "excuse me"? ok, i didnt know that u can't use ur mobile while u were walking towards the plane, i thought that mobiles are to be switched off while inside the plane. ok maybe it's a new rule or whatever, even if i'm wrong, he won't have to grab my arm, right??? it's not like i'm activating a bomb or whatever! i was only 2-3 steps away from the doorway of the terminal, and people do use their mobiles inside the terminal, so it's not like i'm going to ruin the frequency or something. and usually we will be reminded to switch off our mobiles inside the plane, and it's not like i'm chatting on the phone while i'm inside the plane. again, even if i'm wrong, he could have just tell me politely!

i was shocked, and i told him "you're so rude, u should not just grab people like that!"... he just tore my ticket and said "i just touched you!" --- what the heck! i was so pissed off but i thought ok fine i'll just have to get in the plane and i didnt argue with him any further.

and then i saw him in the plane... after he served the meals, i tried to talk to him politely, i asked him "were u the one at the boarding counter just now?", he said yes, and i asked him "were u the one who grabbed me just now?" and he said "no, i just touched you!" and i kept repeating "u did!" and he kept answering "no, i just touched you!"

so i asked for his name, and he's Neston (or was it Nestor)...

and then he kept explainning that he was trying to stop me from using my mobile. i said, yes i know he's doing his job but he can tell me in a polite way, or anything other than grabbing my arm! and he said "you were walking too fast so you will feel that i'm grabbing you, but i was just touching you!" argggh. then i said "i was standing there for like 2 seconds, waiting for you to tear my ticket, why didnt you tear my ticket and tell me?"

guess what? this is so ridiculous, he answered "because you were talking on your mobile phone!"... i told him, i was NOT talking on my mobile phone, i was just dialing. he insisted that he did try to tell me but i couldnt hear him, ok maybe, coz it was really noisy, but he could have just tap on my shoulder while i was standing there for 2 seconds if he thinks that i can't hear him, or wave his hands infront of me instead of grabbing me. and i was not running, he could have just run infront of me to stop me by waving his hands, i was only about 2-3 steps away from the doorway. or he could have tear my ticket and then use my ticket to wave infront of me to get my attention and then tell me to switch off my mobile. ain't that much better than grabbing my arm?

and the most absurd thing that i've heard from Neston? he said "so you just want me to apologize is it?"

as if i'm making a big fuss and he didnt do anything wrong!? it's not that i want him to apologize, it's that he SHOULD apologize, get it? i really hated the way he argue with me and kept denying everything that i said, and kept making up excuses. he did not even say "sorry". when he was talking to me, his gestures werent even sincere, all the while his right arm was resting on the seat of a lady infront, disturbing that lady. and it was his colleague, another stewardess (i think her name is Adeline Ong) who was apologizing to me. she has been really patient and polite, while Neston was like really rude and unapologetic. She knelt down and kept explainning to me, i know it's not her fault, i felt sorry for her that she had to apologize for her ill-mannered colleague. she said that she will help me to lodge a report. and to my surprise, she told me that Neston was from MAS!!! omg, i think he might be kicked out of MAS and now he's taking out his frustration on random customers like me? even if i'm paying less, it doesnt mean that i should receive terrible service like this? even if i've paid RM1 for a flight, i am still a customer!

grabbing my arm can be considered harassment! and what kind of flight attendant is that? arguing with me and saying stuff like "so you just want me to apologize is it?" argh, he should be fired!!!

- by Natalie

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  • Ak
      5th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    wow, you are so right! he should be fired all the way!

  • Ak
      5th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Wow, right indeed.

  • Ne
      2nd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Have you made an official complaint to Air Asia? I think that's considered as 'battery' you know. So rude.

  • Li
      15th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    His actions were uncalled for but maybe next time you shouldn't be on your damn phone while someone is trying to check your boarding pass. Speaking of rude...

  • Pa
      27th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    just 2 second, not 2 minutes u stand there.. Think that, if u were in queing just wait the attendies to tear ur ticket n be patient on waiting because not only u have to be tear off.. ur coullegue didnt leave u if u were standing there waiting ur ticket to be tear.. u can meet ur coullegue in the plane isnt it?.. hmmm this what u get when u were not patient enought people try to touch u but u said grabbing ur hand.. i dont think the attendant grab u.. my b he was right that u move fast..

  • Qw
      21st of Nov, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Wow u sound so ridiculous Natalie. You really are, can't stand people like you just by reading what you wrote. lucky I'm not a passenger in the same plane as you, or your friend. Hope you can even read this!

  • Ja
      22nd of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    i like to ask if i make complaint for the air asia staff direct tru the phone or by email address if can...this matter its really make me dissapointed and i will bring to court!

  • Pg
      26th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    Warsaw convention does not limit a passenger from using a mobile phone within the terminal unless expressly prohibited by the government. Infact even use of mobile phones in the aircraft is not prohibited if it does not interfere with the planes navigation system.
    Thus the attendant was interfering with the passenger's civil liberties of peaceful existence.
    Unless there was a perceived risk of the passenger trying to cause damage to the plane through his mobile communication, there is no way the attendant could have stopped him...calling, tapping or grabbing, the passenger was wronged

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