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I had booked a flight from Delhi to Mumbai (AI317) PNR number-J14ZJ for May 20th. Due to glitch at Air India's end, the flight was overbooked. Even while I reached the check in counter 80 minutes before departure, I was forced to take the next flight that was scheduled after 5 hours. It was Grossly inconvenient for me which ruined my health and my next day at office. There was no support or help extended as part of the crew. If someone books a flight for a specific time, he/she plans his/her day accordingly. Such delays due to no mistake of the customer cause huge losses to the customer. Had the flight been overbooked, atleast informing this 2 hours beforehand could be helpful so that I could have arranged my plans accordingly. Telling this information at the check in gate was highly unprofessional.

I would definitely not prefer Air India in future. And would recommend everyone to not book any the same due to my terrible experience.

Anuj Vadehra

May 20, 2018
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  •   May 21, 2018

    Ask the compensation!


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  •   May 21, 2018

    About: "I would definitely not prefer Air India in future."
    Yes : go the same route by rail, it takes 36 hours only

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  • Ji
      May 26, 2018

    This is Dr. JItendra Keshri. My ticket no. was 0985316814939 and PNR no. Z89PQ. I was supposed to travel from Tel Aviv to New Delhi on 26th April. My boarding pass was issued and I went through hectic two hours of immigration and security check at Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv). When I reached at the Gate Terminal E6, my name was announced along with 12 other passengers that we cannot board on the flight, with telling any authentic reason by attendants there. Despite of requesting several times, that I had to attend family function next day in Haryana (India), they did not allow me to board the flight. After repeatedly asking the reason, the Air India Manager (Mr. Michael) informed us that there is technical fault in the flight, any door or window is not closing properly. So, all passengers could not be accommodated. This flight was also delayed for 6 hours from its scheduled time. I wonder how Air India can risk the life of passengers with the technically faulty flights.
    Once I asked how they selected the passengers who are being not allowed to travel. I got an answer, those who are travelling alone and having student visa. So, for Air India students are easy targets.
    Mr. Michael was not giving us proper answer what he is going to do with us. His full intention was that we stay for three more days in Tel Aviv and he could board us in next Air India flight which was on 29th of April. Six passengers agreed for this, but for six passengers including me, travelling on 26th april itself was so important. But he was not in mood to arrange other flight. He was intentionally delaying the process and made us wait whole night without any proper answer. After a lot of requests, he arranged our tickets in Aeroflot next morning only through Moscow, which dropped us in Delhi only in the midnight of 27th April. But again we had to go through the immigration and security check, which in Tel Aviv airport used to be hectic. I could not attend my so important family function on 27th April. What compensation am I going to get for this overall 18 hours delayed flight and mentally harassing us whole night?

    This is not the end of story; I was supposed to travel back from Delhi To Tel Aviv on 15th May. Dr. Prashant Kambali was also with me (He was also not allowed to board the Air India flight on 26th April.) When reached the counter to collect the boarding pass, the lady told us that our ticket from Tel Aviv to Delhi was still opened, so she cannot issue the boarding pass. She sent us to ticketing counter of Air India on Gate number 1. There no one helped us, and denied that we cannot travel now since there is no information in internet that there was fault in Air India flight. Also, they cannot close our ticket which was supposed to be done by Air India on 27th April itself. We narrated all our issues what happened to us on 26th April in Tel Aviv airport and how Michael arranged Aeroflot to send us here. But they simply said we are not telling the truth. Then we asked them give us in writing that we cannot take the returning flight. They denied to do so, and sent us to the counter manager of Air India. She sent us again to boarding pass counter. There Mr. Avinash helped us to close the ticket from Tel Aviv To Delhi, and issued us boarding pass for Air India flight from Delhi to Tel Aviv. This whole process took more than one hour running here and there. We were mentally harassed and physically exhausted.

    What was our fault in all these situations? We paid full amount and expect the good service from Air India, which was really unconvincing by the behavior of Air India staff. These flights, between Tel Aviv and Delhi, is a kind of historic and fell under Maharaja service and there was a lot media coverage when it got started in March 2018. Does Air India call this kind of service as Maharaja? If so, that’s pathetic.

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  •   May 26, 2018

    Mr Anuj Vadehra,
    If you do not know, how to submit the complaint, where to submit the complaint to, what you are entitled to,
    SEND / or ATTACH
    1) Air India PNR, it is 5 or 6 digits and leters XXXXXX,
    the agent booking slip / trip number, if you had got the ticket from the agent
    2) e-ticket in full, it must contain 13 digits, exmpl 098-xxxxxxxxxx
    3) YOUR above complaint,
    4) credit card 12 digits, name, / DO NOT submit security code/ which you had paid by
    and where the money should be refunded according your complaint
    5) any reply of Air India/ agent, if you have it
    6) phone number / time of the contact in range + / - 2 hours evening, 18:00-21:00
    7) e-mail, city, name in full

    to e-mail: aryan(at)

    I (we) can start process the legal complaint on your brhalf,
    if the date so flight not later than 1 week -3 months for you.

    Small charges are expected via
    150 Rs before the complaint submission (for country India only)
    35 USD before the complaint submission (for US, Canada)
    30 EUR before the complaint submission (for Europe, Asia)
    10% -20% after the compensation is issued in your favor, depending upon the complecity and length.

    Residence is place (city country), where you hold your bank account.
    Such refund procedure takes 30 days.

    If no positive result in your favor,
    the complaint on your behalf
    can be submitted to the court in your city/state or elsewhere.

    If you fail to submit all requiered documents or there was your clear falt before flight,
    your claim can not be processed for refund.

    for IATA/ICAO irregulations matters
    e-mail: aryan(at) / substitue (at)[email protected] in request on the submission and invoice

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