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Air India / worst service

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I was on a trip from hong kong to sri lanka, it was a peak travel season and was unable to get tickets in other route so decided to take an air india flight from hong kong to mumbai and then a sri lankan air flight from mumbai to colombo. I had approximately 4 hrs of time available for the connection to sri lankan with my previous experiences on air india i thought this should be sufficient!. However, this time they air india staff made sincere efforts to prove that they can only be the worst airline in this world.

The chain of delay happened like this.
90 mins delay in boarding the flight at hong kong
30 mins delay for take off from hong kong
45 mins delay due to congestion in mumbai airport and the worst
1 hour delay for finding a parking space in mumbai airport!!

And no one was available at the airport to arrange immediate transfer or even to respond to my queries and even strange… the crew mentioned that they only know about in-flight arrangements and they can not talk to ground staff regarding other connections. The ground staff had a very different version as i finally missed the flight. They said they are not responsible to make any arrangements for me as it’s a different airline in which i need to make my connection flight, also they said i can not access the lounge in air port nor will be given any hotel accommodation till next connection. On the other hand they threatened that if i don’t leave the airport immediately the immigration will not allow me to leave airport after 1 hour of the arrival of flight as they will close the counter for all passenger arrived by ai flight from hk!. I decided to wait in the airport as i wanted to talk this with some senior officers when the office opens in the morning (It was already 1 am in the morning!). But no one was available in the morning and the worst.. The staff on the morning shift/duty doesn’t even know that the flight was late or they just acted as if they are ignorant!

The way the staff treat passengers was with a clear attitude which shows their arrogance. I know i can not change anything with air india but i decided for myself and my family that we will never ever fly air india in our life.

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  • Ag
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    Indian Airlines Cargo SIN No: 058-6405-3485
    42 Inches LCD was broken by Air India (Indian Airlines) Cargo
    I am Nirmal Agnihotri.I have recently shifted my base from Singapore to India Due to my new assignment in Dubai and hence i had a need to transfer all my personnel luggage to my home town that is Lucknow.I booked the Cargo and paid a huge amount to the Cargo Service Provider in Singapore(Superior Cargo).
    The Consignment I had booked consisted of two of my huge luggage and one LCD of 42 Inches. The Cargo Service provider (Superior Cargo near Mustafa) had booked my cargo through the INDIAN AIRLINES(AIR INDIA).
    I paid the custom that was even a heavy duty and lots of painful process and middleman asking for money just thinking that an expat earns all his day in day out to pay them who are sitting back home guarding the gate just to beg for instead of getting paid by the government. They have not inspected the goods properly and they were more inclined to squeeze my pocket for all the money I had.
    As my Father was sick finally I decided to give all whatever they have asked for just to get rid of the delay I was not even given the 25K relaxation which is mentioned at the custom site.
    When I reached home and opened my LCD I was surprise to find that it was broken and beyond repairing. The damage was done by the renowned INDIAN AIRLINES(AIR INDIA).So I went to the Cargo Manager for air India in Lucknow (Devender).
    The Government office was usual nobody had reached the office accept one clearing boy and it was 11 A.M.After 3 hours of waiting I met him but I was not welcomed and they were thinking that they cant process the claim because i have cleared my goods which were not yet cleared and when i insisted they informed me that the Cargo was poorly packed.I did not have time to fight with them they I informed that one day after I had a flight to dubai and I wont be able to come he told me no sir we can only talk on Monday when Airport manager will be in office.When I asked where is he gone today he told me he did not know it.People are not even at their desk even on working days and working hours.
    I paid a huge amount for that and i was surprised that how Indian airlines handles the fragile item they have literally smashed my LCD which is beyond repair now.
    By looking at the LCD it can be easily identified that it was poorly managed even after charging a huge amount of money specially to handle the fragile item.
    The most important part is that the they were not even willing to take the responsibility or even show their empathy.
    Now Presently i am in Dubai and in My hometown no one is there to manage the situation because my father is old and he just got discharged from hospital.
    I dont want to trouble him because I myself have seen how welcoming and how attentive is Indian Airlines staff for customers for the service they have rendered. Its more of a Government organization where the employee thinks that nothing can be done to them and they have all the rights (right & wrong both)
    I have paid the handling and delivery charges to Indian airlines and customs. All in all i lost around 2 lakh Indian Rupees for the negligence and poorly managed cargo service by Indian Airlines.
    Even in the rule on the backside of the clearance form for cargo it has been mentioned as rule number 12 that the damage which is reported within 14 days of the cargo clearance will be processed by the airlines as claim. As per that rule I have submitted the application but nothing has happened to it and now I can’t follow it from Dubai now.

    I was helpless so I decided to put this it in an online forum. Please take this as a testimony for Indian Airlines (Air India) to what I have felt and experienced .
    I can’t mention my experience in hard words. I have all the documents and relevant people’s name if required as verification to what I have wrote here.
    Also it doesn’t matter with whom you book your cargo from please make sure that you happen to check the cargo before getting out of the custom. According to their rule Number 12 they have to entertain the claim within 14 days of the clearance but in my case they even ignored that.
    Please take a note that if you happen to book your cargo through Indian Airlines you are surely going to experience this or some of it I can promise with my and my friends experience.They are the most lousy, careless and irresponsible service providers for your valuable goods even the people they employ are all almost illiterate and ill mannered.
    My experience is burdened with almost 2 and half lakh Rupees Loss I think nothing can better explain this.
    This was my moral responsibility to share my experience to save some one’s loss before that has occurred.
    If you need more details please free to email me.
    I am leaving it to you.You help me you help yourself.
    With regret and sorrow


  • Sa
      19th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    My name is savita I was travelling with AIR India flight 191. service is worse. i will never travel with Air india.

  • Sa
      19th of Mar, 2009
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    i alredy done

  • Ni
      15th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Ther is no air line can provide the worse service like Air India, Staff are so rude, they dont want to answer you're questions. The some time ignore you. We had so many trouble, because of that we did't have good holyday, the agument kept in our mind over the whole holyday period. My advice to the reader is DONt Dont choose Air india even if ther cheap, they may be cheap but the service provide you may be better off going for the fare which bit expensive than Air India, unless ther are more than £200 cheap, this is the rate i would give for this airline.

  • Ya
      11th of Sep, 2015
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    yes, the worst service i ever met in my life, i will never take the air india flight again in my life.

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