Air FranceBad customer service

R Nov 27, 2015

I had a reservation for months to go on a Best of Europe Tour from New York.The tour was paid for. I got vaccinations and visas and other necessary things. I had never been to Europe. This was a college graduation trip tour. I checked in and waited a long time. At one point there was an announcement for a passenger with my last name with a different flight number. I have a common last name and since it was a different flight number I did not respond. After a period of time I learned that the flight number was changed and the flight left without me. There was no later flight. When I complained the lady said we issued the announcement and she walked away. I think that nobody would respond to an announcement like this. If it had my first name I would have responded even with the wrong flight number. It was clearly their mistake for using the wrong (new) flight number I wrote multiple letters to Air France and they would do nothing to set things right,

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