Air Berlin / unethical behaviour

United States

Dear Sir my name is Elio Guarisco.
Today 18 October 2017 I took the Air Berlin
flight number AB 8733 from Milan LInate to Berlin.

The plane was delayed for about two ours. An dthe reason given 'fog' were sheer lies, for there was a crystal clear sky in Berlin.

People were stranded at the airpot, in the bus on the runway
and then in the plane. As we entered the plane a lady complained for the delay to the main flight attendant. Instead of apologyzing he laughed saying there wll be more delay.

So I remarked to him that it was not good to laugh about the distress of stranded passage, a total lack of sesitivity to say the least.
The flight attendant threatened to send me down of the plane
if I did not stop immediately the complained.

Of course I will never use your company even if it suvive bankarucpy
but at least you should avoid unthical behavior of laying, and teach your flight attendants proper education.

Arrived in Berlin to add to the joke, the plane was made to station in a place
full with metal structures
where the anterior door could not be opened
again people were stranded in the plane for more tghen 30 minutes waiting to get down from the back door, to endup finally the nightmaire of fliying Air Berlin.

Oct 18, 2017

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