Air Berlinflight delay + flight cancellation on the same air berlin trip, thus 33 hours of delay!

I have booked on Feb 13 Air Berlin tickets Paris to Krakow via Berlin on May 19 . Since the delay of the Paris-Berlinflight, we couldn't get the connection in Berlin . Nothing was arranged for the transfer when we arrived at Berlin around 6pm, whereas there were other flights to Krakow in the evening or the next morning. We had to queue for 2 hours and 45 mns at Air Berlin desk, when finally at 9.30 pm we were placed on a flight to Stuttgart at 8.20 am on May 20 and then Stuttgart Krakow . Since I was very cautious, I arrived at 6.20 am to the Airport on the 20, to discover that the 8.20 flight had been cancelled, we were in time to get the earlier flight at 7 something am, where there were vacant seats, but Air Berlin staff at the check-in refused to take us, since we had not been given the right tickets, we had then again to queue two hours at the desk and finally got bookings for flights to Krakow via Munich. We arrived in Krakow at 11.05 pm the 20, thus 33 hours after the scheduled departure from Paris !!! Since this date I try to join the customer service for repayment of my taxi and hotel bills, but the only answer I got is to fill in the digital complaint form which doesn't correspond to my sprcific case

Jun 21, 2017

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