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Berlin, Germany
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a want make a complain, because the airberlin stuff denied my check in without reason . I had a valid flight ticket booking reference 5N6X5N flight number AB 8005 and AB 8266. Date. 17.06.2017 Destination was Stockholm, Berlin, Budapest.

I was standing all the time in the cue for check in at least 1, 5 hour or more. It was a very, very long cue and me and behind me a family with children was the last ones in the cue for check in.

Suddenly the airberlin staff, it was 2 persons, said that we are closed now, and denied to check in. The staff was extremy stressed I could see and tried to call for extra stuff during check in time. And told us go to the airberlin desk and get a ticket for next flight. and we went there, the staff Helen at de desk told that everything was fully booked, and cant help me. And she later said, that I came to late and I have to find on my on another ticket and finished the conversation. It was not true because I was standing in the long line for check in at least 1, 5 hour or more.
I had to by a new ticket to Budapest. It was my final destination, and stay for a night at hotel at Arlanda.
I want to get back my lost airberlin ticket cost 260 EURO and for the hotel cost at Arlanda 1040 SEK.
It was a terrible experience.
I want to get back my airberlin ticket price 260 euro and the hotel cost 1040 SEK and compensation for that terrible unbelievable episode that happended at Arlande airport 17.06.2017.
I have never experienced a situation like this before.

My best regards

Rella Krisztina Sarvari
Belgrad rakpart 21
1056 Budapest

email [protected]

Jun 19, 2017

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