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I travelled with Air Berlin during the volcanic ash crisis and while the flights themselves were absolutely fine the customer service on return has been absolutely appalling. They have been trained to lie about entitlements in the hope that passengers will give up on claiming accomodation expenses despite the German EU regulator (LBA) clearly stating they are responsible for this. To me I am appalled that Germany's second biggest airline is not willing to respect the EU passenger regulations.

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  • Tg
      May 06, 2011

    Flying airberlin on business class to dubai and will return on the 13th of may. The worse business class experience I made. Airberlin business class equal to emirates or qatar airways economy. Not the right way to attract arab guest to our capital. Airberlin chairman needs a cultural training and invest in new machine. Regards. From a gold airberlin member.

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  • Js
      Sep 08, 2011

    air berlin over booked my flight. i was un able to leave NYC until 5 days later because everything else was booked. this was the first time this has ever happened to me with any airline.

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  • Ma
      Oct 03, 2013

    The whole sorry story is all here:

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  • La
      May 31, 2014

    Business/Gold/Silver card class check-in for Airberlin in Italy is very slow. Prepare to spend another 25 minutes waiting at airport.
    Check in lady took 25 minutes to realize her printer was broken.
    Very slow service. Need to update their printer.

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  • Ze
      Mar 07, 2016

    My parents were flying out from Ohare Il, when we got to the counter no one from the Air Berlin attendants were there, and when we called the #that was provided to us they told us that they cannot re-book because it was our fault and that we are late... we were there 45 minutes prior... So since that was a weekend my parents had to buy another ticket from a different airlines and flew out the next day... Haven't seen a refund since than...

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  • Ma
      Aug 14, 2017

    I'm the tour leader of a Group of 18 people Flying Air Berlin on the 4th of August from Milan (12 people) and Rome (6 people) to Reykjavík.
    This the schedule:
    Roma Fiumicino - Tegel: Air Berlin 8705 04 AUG 14.05 - 16.15
    Milano Linate - Tegel: Air Berlin 8739 04 AUG 19.20 - 20.55
    Tegel - Reykjiavik Keflavik: Air Berlin 3546 04 AUG 22, 20 - 23.55

    Reykjavík Keflavik - Air Berlin 3547 13 AUG 00.40 - 06.05
    Tegel - Milano Linate: Air Berlin 8732 13 AUG 08.35 - 10.15
    Tegel - Roma Fiumicino: Air Berlin 8704 13 AUG 09.25 - 11.30

    On the 4th AUG the flight from Tegel to Reykjavík was cancelled, so the 6 people from Rome were rescheduled on a flight to Helsinki, and from there to Reykjavík. Their luggage were lost (5 pieces) and nobody in Berlin could say where they were (we spent more than 4 hours in the office asking for imformation). They got their luggage on the 8th AUG (4 pieces) and on the 10th AUG (1 piece).

    The 12 people from Milan were rescheduled on the following day (5th AUG, same time), so they missed one day of their holiday.

    On the 13th AUG (return) the 6 people flying to Milan were not allowed to get on the plane leaqving at 00.40 and were rescheduled on flight AB3549 boarding at 08.30 (also this flight was delayed); no explanation was given to passengers for the change; we know that seats were available on the plane. If, by any chance, Air Berlin had received information from our Italian tour operator "Avventure nel Mondo", we would like to know and receive copy of the written instructions sent by the tour operator itself.

    The rescheduling caused considerable damage because 6 passengers had important business to do that could not be postponed.

    Please, send information about what described above, because no one of Air Berlin staff I interviewed in at Berlin Tegel (3 people in 3 different offices of Air Berlin) was able to explain

    Looking forward to your prompt reply

    Massimo Sgarbi
    0039 [protected]

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