Air Asia / missing luggage


The customer service provided by air asia is very unorganised and inefficient. I have made a missing baggage report but there was zero effort given from air asia. There was no updates regarding my missing baggage and I had to make the calls to keep myself updated. Even so, they didn't give proper feed backs about my bag. It was very frustrating as all my outfits were in that bag and I had to spend extra money to buy clothes and neccessities. When they found a bag, which wasn't ours, they asked us to come back to the airport to identify the bag. Since the mistake was done by them, at least a courtesy of apology would have been nice. But no sorry was mentioned and they were so arrogant and no sign of professionalism was shown. Imagine if I was staying far from the airport, I would had to pay for the cab or petrol. It would have been good if they sent us a picture of the bag so that I wouldnt have to be running to and fro to airport. I spent half my holiday worrying about my luggage! They told that if I had not receive my luggage after 10 days, I would receive compensation for each kilo but there was no single call made by them even after the 10 days. After all the fault was theirs so an initiative should have been taken by them. And when we went to claim the compensation, even then there was a problem. They didn't tell us what to bring, what bank account can be used and we had to wait for almost an hour yet we went back empty handed and had to do all the work ourself. We even had to write an authorization letter. When I was asking the lady to draft the letter for us, they had a very ### face which was extremely rude and she was playing with her phone while I was talking. Is this how efficient a customer service should be. Its not like the compensation made is in par for what we have lost. Tony Fernandez please look into this issues and im not the only one going through this, there are many people who have taken air asia has gone through it. Please be alert Mr Tony Fernandez.

Aug 27, 2014

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