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I now want to complaint the air asia, my situation is, now in air asia website is wrote "hangzhou (Shanghai) "so I wan go shanghai so I booked, but after I booking I check back in internet, hangzhaou and shanghai is very far city and is a different place, so the problem is I go to hang zhou then how I go to shanghai ?, is a very very ### problem here, so I want to cancel my flight I call to cutomer serivce "sharif" say can cancel then after 30 minute become canot cencel my flight ### customer service, if my booking can cancel then the money deduct the cancel charges, then become credit let me book other place for between 3 mth for air asia x is ok for me, but now is the website wrote there is (Shanghai) but actually is go hangzhou not actually shanghai, (Customer service say that is shanghai my god) from hang zhou to shanghai stil have to go about 2 hour by car, for a booking by 20yrs old girl is it safe for that, now the air asia website is having a big mistake for that, they stil say nothing wrong and cannot cancel anything.

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  • Lo
      Apr 10, 2014

    Hello, we fly with Asia all the time
    travelling to Kuala Lumpur and connecting flights to Phuket, Bangkok, etc., we have not changed our seat
    allocations although we have found out that we have been split up all over the
    plane without notification, we spoke to Ali from air Asia who did not wish to
    provide any more Identification as to Verify himself,

    Air Asia representative was rude and interruptive.
    After non-stop verbal Communication Interference without letting us have our
    chance to speak fully, we ask to speak to the manager, again refused and continued
    to argue stating we change our seats and we are not getting them back or our
    money back. We were told to put in a
    complaint as he was not going to make any changes what so ever, I identified
    myself fully as I work with the Australian police sector and told him that the
    site was not secure as a inter non-permitted change was placed and I requested politely
    for the IP Address that the change was made from so it could be followed up, I was
    refused any information besides that the change was from the email login and
    because it was done this way, we had to be the persons held responsible whether
    accidental or deliberate. I explained that an accidental change was not an
    option as there is no possible reason to be logging back in to check out
    standard seats and downgrade was not an option due to leg room is a high
    priority. Then the representative said it must have been children or something,
    the representative refused to negotiate until I actually warned him that I would
    take it to the CEO and I told him the CEO Name, once that was mentioned, he was
    quick to get into action and the changes was applied without hesitation and
    confirmed it via email very promptly and immediate, I (as a customer) who highly chooses Air Asia
    and Recommends the Airline with past Experiences is in the process of thinking
    of changing to a different carrier as we travel to Thailand Yearly to relatives,
    Despite the unstable position of pilots with the situation of Malaysians
    Airline MH370 is a daunting system that is in place to fly with certain carriers, we feel that we
    need to trust Air Asia instead of feeling relaxed with the giant Airline is
    very depressing with the incident carried out tonight with Air Asia Representative
    Mr Ali Himself made us feel very unwelcomed and left us in a very untrustworthy
    position with the airline for future transactions, I plead to you to investigate
    to prevent other flyers having to deal with this unpleasant experience.

    I thank you for your time

    James Vogler

    Booking KDH4GQ

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