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Marrakech, MA
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I flew with Air Arabia Maroc from Marrakech to London Gatwick on 15/11/2017. I will never fly with them again and urge others to do the same. Firstly, I was charged unnecessarily to check my hand luggage although it was clearly within the weight and dimensions requirements because I was carrying a "second piece". Whilst it is true that I had a second underseat bag with me, so did many others on the flight yet I saw them boarding with both that and their hand luggage. Air Arabia Maroc never clarified as to why I got special treatment, but nevertheless refused to give me my boarding pass until I paid the 500DH (50 Euro) fee.

When I went to pay the fee, the airport card machine did not accept my card for some reason. I know that it was not my card that was defective as I was able to use the cash point without any problems. However, instead of offering an alternative such as directing me to the nearest cash point when my card did not work, the woman behind the desk, wilfully oblivious to the distress this was all causing me told me "not my problem, sort it out". I have never, ever, in all my years of travel been treated so rudely or so disrespectfully as I was treated by the Air Arabia Maroc staff. Do yourself a favour and fly with any other airline, whatever you save in costs is not worth the aggravation and upset of flying Air Arabia Maroc

Nov 17, 2017

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