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Manassas, VA, United States Review updated:

Just wondering if anyone has heard of these [censored]es. I went there with my niece the other day to help her purchase a car since it was her first. She was contacted and told she was approved for an auto loan. As soon as we pulled up on the lot we saw salespeople who looked liked thugs standing in front of the entrance smoking cigarettes and cursing? (no one asked us if we needed help). Once we were in the building a short haired blonde guy asked us if we needed assistance. Once we told him we were here to purchase a car he grabbed a salesperson and then an electronic tablet. He wanted my niece to put all her info on this tablet even though she had already been approved? The individual we were supposed to meet had called in sick, so the salesperson told us. So after she had filled out this tablet we began to walk around the lot to look at their vehicles. The cars were downright nasty. They had probably 15 used cars and only a handful of Kias. The used cars were dirty, had body damage, some were not inspected but were ready for sale? Anyway after an hour later she was told she needed money down for the loan when she was told over the phone that she needed no money down and she had already been approved? As I walked the lot earlier I had noticed a room full of females in the back of the building, sort of like a call center, I overheard one of the females talking to an individual on the phone telling them they were approved with no money down and that the loan officer would be waiting for them at the dealership. Sounded a little to familiar and obviously this is was a scam. I had also noticed someone Else's credit report and personal information left unattended in the waiting area. I decided to do some research and look up the business and was shocked to see that 99% of the reviews were horrible. Everything from lying to stealing and everything in-between. Google the business name to see the reviews. I found out the owners name is Nomie Bates and that there is another lot down the street that is owned by the same individual but run by his brother Corey Bates which is named Auto Connection. So I did some research on these two guys to find out that Corey Bates has a felony charge on his record for god knows what. Needless to say we left almost immediately and I plan on doing whatever it takes to inform other individuals in the market to stay away from this place. They are nothing but crooks selling damaged and uninspected vehicles. Buyers beware!!!

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  • Ma
      13th of Jun, 2012

    You're right brother! I've been by that dealership and all the people working there are negroes or dirty looking [censored] criminals. It stinks in there too! I did manage to talk to one of the negro ladies "working" there, the one with big boobies who kept telling me "bout her childrens" instead of the vehicle I wanted to know about.

    If you really want a Kia, you need to go to a, cough cough, more professional area like Fairfax/Falls Chruch.

    Just drive down 28 sometime and look around. Nothing but used car dealerships, mexican food places, gangsta negroes (where they came from I have no idea) and ### little immigrant stores.

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